Wikimedians for Sustainable Development/Newsletter

Here we collect information regarding Sustainable Development initiatives happening in the community all around the world and send it out monthly. The next newsletter will be sent in the beginning of May.

Where to postEdit

The newsletter will be shared on the mailing list WikimediaAnnounce-l as well as from our accounts on Facebook and Twitter and in the environmental network on Wikimedia Space. On Facebook, we can also share those posts to groups like Wikipedia Weekly and Wikimedia Foundation social media hub. When posting on Twitter, it might be worth tagging some accounts that are mentioned in the newsletter.


If you want the newsletter delivered to your talk page, sign up here.

How to writeEdit

Use no formatting at all in the text so that copy and paste can be done easily over all the different places to post at. Add links as raw URLs in the end.

Next newsletter contentEdit

This is our fifth newsletter, covering April 2020. This issue has news related to SDGs .


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