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BBEdit edit

  • Cyrius -- It (still) doesn't suck.
  • Elektron (and vi on a console, since I haven't learned emacs or pico... I'm all alone here...)
  • EVula -- All my web coding is done by hand. If my version supported non-Roman characters, I'd probably use it in my wiki-ing more often... time to upgrade!
  • Pfv2
  • Aperculum - Ed is the standard text editor.
  • Mozzerati - because wikipedians should be able to remember what they are editing.

edlin edit

editplus edit

emacs/xemacs edit

EmEditor edit

Epsilon edit

Gedit and forks edit

Pluma edit

HomeSite edit

jedit edit

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Kate edit

Metapad edit

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Perl edit

pico & clones edit

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SimpleText edit

Terminal emulator/command prompt-related edit

"" > edit

cat edit

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TextMate edit

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UltraEdit edit

vi & clones edit

elvis edit

nvi edit

vi (the original) edit

  1. Austin Hair
  2. Bo Register
  3. CAPS LOCK no clones for me, just pure ex-vi.
  4. Penn Station

Vim edit

WinEdt edit

  • \Mikez And you talk about shortcuts in M$Word? 200 shortcuts and counting... (And I can find them!)

Word (Microsoft) edit

Wordpad edit

Wordperfect edit

  • KnightofNEE Go full control over text via reveal codes! (That and I grew up using it).

Wordstar edit

  • Cimon Avaro on a pogo stick (I am sorry, but this is a sentimental favorite) I have several editions of CP/M wordstar on 8 inch diskettes.
  • User: Dr Paddle Don't be sorry. I miss Wordstar 5.5! I'm trying now to write macros in Word to prepare 60k-lines of text for import into a spreadsheet. Could have written the Wordstar macros in minutes! But now I have to learn VBA. Have a button on my office wall, "Keep your hands where they belong. Wordstar 5.5" (Learned Wordstar in CP/M on an Osbourne. Perfected it in DOS on a 286.)

Xyzzy edit

  • Mulukhiyya (It's something, like a thoroughly domestic Common Lisp Emacs for Windows. I call it Jijii. Not recommended for 真人間.)

Other edit