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Content Projects

Core Content Projects

  • There are Wikipedias (encyclopedias) in 334 languages, some of which contain more than one million articles.
  • There are Wiktionaries (dictionaries) in over 180 languages, some of which contain more than one million entries.
  • There are Wikibooks projects (textbooks) in 120 languages, the largest of which contain more than 80 000 pages.
  • There are Wikiquote projects (quotations) in over 90 languages, the largest of which contain more than 30 000 pages.
  • There are Wikisource projects (source texts) in over 70 languages, the largest of which contain more than 600 000 pages. In addition, there is a multilingual "old" Wikisource wiki containing portals for languages that don't have their own separate domains yet (these are being migrated to the Incubator).
  • There are Wikinews projects (news articles) in over 30 languages, the largest of which contain more than 50 000 articles.
  • There are Wikiversity projects (educational materials) in more than 15 languages, the largest of which contain more than 40 000 pages.
  • There are Wikivoyage projects (travel guides) in more than 20 languages, the largest of which contain more than 25 000 pages.
  • There is one multilingual Wikimedia Commons project containing over 86 million files that can be used by all other Wikimedia projects.
  • There is one multilingual (but mostly in English) Wikispecies project containing over 800 000 entries about living things.
  • There is one multilingual Wikidata project containing over 100 million items that can be used by all Wikimedia projects in all languages.

Incubation Projects


The Incubator is a project that helps other projects get started while they are still building up a community. One wiki for all languages.

Multilingual Wikisource

The original domain for Wikisource hosts three kinds of material: works that are multilingual or non-lingual (such as music scores), works that are in a language that has a very small body of literature, and works in languages that can be incubated to their own subdomains.

Wikiversity Beta

Wikiversity Beta is used to incubate new Wikiversities.

Organizational and Planning Projects

Public wikis


This is a multilingual project for meta-discussion about all issues related to Wikimedia as a whole, and as well as for any cross-project collaboration. For more information see Meta:About.




  • is dedicated to documentation about the MediaWiki software.
  • Wikitech is used for documentation about Wikimedia-specific technical infrastructure.


  • foundation.wikimedia.orgofficial site of the Wikimedia Foundation (editing restricted) expand editing to meta admins and translators
  • outreachwikia collaboration space used by the outreach team
  • strategystrategic planning process (locked) merge w/ meta.
  • usabilitygoing to be merged to mediawikiwiki (locked) merge needs to be done; w med. review
  • qualitymerged back into meta (locked)
  • ten.wikipedia.orgfor the tenth anniversary of Wikipedia (locked) merge w/ meta or an eventwiki

Private wikis

This is a complete list

See also some removed suggestions.

  • internal – for private chapter/foundation topics and contacts
  • ticketwiki – private workspace for the volunteers working on the Wikimedia VRT system
  • wikimaniateamwiki – private workspace for the volunteers on the core Wikimania Team (changes annually)

These kinds of things should *not* go here or on any wiki for that matter:

  • Accounts and passwords
  • Private Donor information, especially anything that would make an "anonymous" donor identifiable
  • User's personally identifiable information

Wikimedia Foundation

  • boardwiki – for the Board of Directors and Executive Director
  • collabwiki – for private workspace for collaboration between Wikimedia staff and external contractors; as of 2014, used e.g. for fundraising translations
    • The fundraising systems are naturally sensitive, and thus are documented on CollabWiki to restrict access to that information.
    • Also used for random non-public information shared between fundraising team members (and others?) which doesn't need to be kept secret from officewiki users.
  • officewiki – for Wikimedia staff-only documentation (eg. HR, Office IT and other internal procedures)
    • The Office IT systems are for staff use only and are documented on OfficeWiki to limit information about sensitive staff-only resources.
    • Note: some contacts info are on CiviCRM instead (or many other places):
  • boardgovcomwiki – private workspace for the Board Governance Committeedefunct; can be merged w/board
  • chairwiki – ?? no content? can be merged w/ board
  • execwiki – ?? no content? can be merged w/ board
  • legalteamwiki – ??
  • transitionteamwiki – created in April 2013 for confidential work of the ED Transition Team
  • movementroleswiki – defunct; all work moved to Meta in 2011 can be confirmed w/ a short review
  • grantswiki – defunct; to merge back into meta + internal can be done w/ a short review -- I am happy to do this review. Asaf Bartov (WMF Grants) talk (UTC)
  • strategyappswiki – gone; closed and deleted.


  • noboard_chapterswikimedia - still used from time to time on as of last July 2013

Moreover, externally hosted: individual chapters' private wikis + chapters wiki (access is restricted to chapter board members, staffers or individual "appointed" by the board of his/her chapter only. WMF staff, Board of Trustees members and anyone else is not allowed access).

  • arbcom_enwiki
  • arbcom_fiwiki
  • arbcom_itwiki
  • arbcom_nlwiki
  • arbcom_dewiki
  • checkuserwiki
  • stewardwiki
  • sysop_itwiki
  • sysop_plwiki


Fishbowl wikis

Fishbowl wikis are readable by all, but are not publicly editable. They generally require registration to edit.

This is a complete list

Test wikis

This list is extremely incomplete. Help expand it or, better yet, join the discussion about them.

Additional Info

Név Version of MediaWiki Leírás URL Állapot
Test Wikipedia Current Wikimedia production version Hosted within the production cluster, runs the current Wikimedia production branch of MediaWiki. It is most useful for various tests of features before even applying them on other production wikis, like scripts or in upon testing other features. Open
Test2 Current Wikimedia Production Version Matches Open
Beta Cluster Latest Master From Git Isolated clone of the production cluster, deployed directly from git. May be unstable. Users can test gadgets and scripts for compatibility with future releases. Wikis here are not accessible from anywhere, nor explained clearly, nor have an index or any navigation tool. Open

Other Queries

Public Wikis

Most analysis is focused on publicly-editable wikis (unlike, for example, Office Wiki, accessible only to Wikimedia Foundation staff), not meant for software testing (e.g. Test Wikidata), and not temporary (e.g. Wikimania 2016).

On the Toolforge replica, use the "meta" database to find information about Wikimedia wikis and their databases. This example returns wikis, which are active now:

    dbname as db_name,
    family as project,
    lang as language,
    url as domain
from wiki
where is_closed = 0

Query for getting a list of public wikis (tailored to some database accessible to researchers):

    site_global_key as db_name,
    site_group as project,
    site_language as language,
    concat("https://", trim(leading "." from reverse(site_domain))) as domain
from enwiki.sites
where site_group in (
    'betawikiversity', 'commons', 'incubator', 'labs', 'mediawiki', 'meta', 'outreach',
    'sources', 'species', 'wikibooks', 'wikidata', 'wikinews', 'wikipedia', 'wikiquote',
    'wikisource', 'wikiversity', 'wikivoyage', 'wiktionary'

Lezárt wikik

Some wikis (both public and private) are closed to any further editing. The canonical list is at

Content Wikis

These are wikis that display content meant for the general public rather than specifically for the Wikimedia community (analogous to content namespaces).

These are wikis in the following site groups:

    'betawikiversity', 'commons', 'incubator',
    'sources', 'species', 'wikibooks', 'wikidata', 'wikinews', 'wikipedia', 'wikiquote',
    'wikisource', 'wikiversity', 'wikivoyage', 'wiktionary'

Off-The-Farm Projects

These are certain projects that are not officially hosted on the Wikimedia server farm, but are also most practically used though by the projects. is a project that is used to translate many of the more effective strings for some of the Common Gateway Interfaces and other creative tools that the Wikimedia sites use.

Lásd még

  • List of canonical domain names owned by the Wikimedia Foundation, including some non-wikis ("While the Foundation may own many other domains for trademark, legal, or project/redirect reasons, there is only one small set which are considered to be the canonical set for our actual projects and content, which are subjected to higher standards.")
  • OpenStreetMap (OSM) is a collaborative project which is similar to a wiki in that people around the world contribute geographic data that can be used for many aspects related to mapping. Integration between OSM and WMF projects is close and much of their data can be reused within Wikimedia projects. See more details at mw:Maps.