Wikimedia user groups network

Wikimedia user groups network is network of Wikimedia user groups.

The purpose of the network is to share experiences and learning patterns from peers and help with the development of the organisations and their projects.




The original idea proposed during Wikimedia Conference 2015 by Esperanto kaj Libera Scio for collabouration and exchanging of experiences and learning patterns among Wikimedia diaspora organisations was enlarged by Wikisource Community User Group to include all Wikimedia User Groups.

During the conference took part meet-up of user groups with participation of Affiliations Committee and Wikimedia Foundation.

Next stepsEdit

  • Create platform
    • mailing list (already asked - T99443)
    • maybe another communication channel?
  • publishing of notes and conclusions from Wikimedia Conference 2015 meet-up
  • meet-up during Wikimania 2015