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2022 has been an exceptional year of achievement for the wikimedia user group Rwanda especially the hosting of the wiki Indaba international conference and conducting the Africa great lakes movement strategy on the thematic of skills development, we have been able to begin the key registration process of the movement as an independent entity recognized by the Rwanda law under the RGB registration , we opened an office in Kigali city center and participated and collaborated on different wikimedia events.


Annual 2022

Wikimedia Community User Group Rwanda

Welcome to the 2022 Annual Report of the Wikimedia Community User Group Rwanda!

Introduction and summary of activities


Wikimedia user group Rwanda Movement Profile Wikimedia community user group Rwanda which is made of 4 executive committee Members since 2019 when it started , enrolled more than 100 new members From 2021-2022 Statistics of members and their contributions, We have been able to conduct many Wikimedia projects on behalf of the movement, locally and internationally In 2022 we implemented the following projects:

Annual grant This grant was parallel with a Research project named movement strategy in Africa great Lakes. which was about needs assessment in skills development recommendation , This project enabled the community to learn from experience as it was carried out in 3 Countries Which are Rwanda, Congo DRC, Burundi and countries like Uganda , Tanzania participated as supporting arm in tools and advisory services. Each community provided enumerators to facilitate in data collection which led us to understand more about East African communities Vs Wikipedia , Wikimedia projects. Research findings

Legal framework Wikimedia community User group Rwanda in compliance with the lawas governing Non-profit organizations operating in Rwanda , registered to legaly operate in Rwanda as OPEN SOURCE KNOWLEDGE RWANDA , A step that created us an opportunity to moreconnections and partnerships within Rwanda and we are looking forward to keep that achievement of partners to grow.

Affiliation on 11th February, We were announced as recognized affiliate by the AFFCOM

Management Wikimedia community user group Rwanda opened an office (July 2022) in the city of Kigali Rwanda where the executive team as well as community volunteers access the internet facilities , refreshments as well as transport to enable them and easier their contribution to Wikipedia And other Wikimedia Projects.

Community outreach We value and concentrate on the impact created by our community members in last year of 2022, we invested more of our support resources in engaging the community of all kinds of the society more especially women and girls. W are abiding with the principle of ensuring that atleast 30% of any events particonats are females. We engaged 80% of youth students and graduates in some of the projects.

Charity activities Putting together our community members in different activities not only Wikimedia projects helped us to achieve more Charity activities like helping orphans and vulnerable children in Gatenga sector Karambo cell , Gashyekero Village.We provided food , Clothes , mattress, schools essentials like books , pens , etc. this helped our community member to unite and find out the reason behind free wiki wiki ecosystem as well as friendly space achievement. Wikimedia community User group Rwanda paid health insurance for 50 families (mutuelle de santé) in Nyarugenge district together with district officials. More social works happened in 2022 among and beyond community user group Rwanda such as visiting our community members in times of burial and weddings , an approach we found very useful especially in keeping the community engaged and united after the wikimedia movement activities.

National and International Partnerships Wikimedia Community User Group Rwanda was able to achieve partnership in year 2021-2022, which supported the implementaion of projects. some of the partners included:

  • Rwanda heritage academy which an institute of languages and culture. This collaboration enabled us to achieve official registration as an NGO (OSK) and they supported some of our activities within the country.
  • Rwanda mountain tea supported wikivibrance post event and gave out gifts of Rwanda tea, in wiki indaba event for more than 120 participants
  • BTN TV Ltd this is one of the television business company also was very supportive in many activities including WikiIndaba conference
  • Ministry of ICT and Innovation came on board in September 2022 and was helpful in WikiIndaba Kigali conference agreed to keep working with us, we are looking forward to strengthen this important partnership through many already discussed projects.
  • Marketing Touch is the event management company which worked with us also in WikiIndaba conference

Our community believes in Development skills as well as partnering with international experienced communities for that reason in 2022 We established an international relationship as well as regional to be able to gain more experience through exchange of skills and knowledge sharing.

Key movement achievements


Wikimedia , Africa great lakes movement strategy published on the thematic of skills development This was a result of conducted needs assessment and the results were published on the following dashboard Africa great lakes needs assessment and a quick follow have been planned as a key actions to take in 2022-2023, including to reach out the more than 300 respondents who showed interest in participating in movement activities , we will reach out to them and engage them as soon as possible.
Wikindaba international conference

Projects and Events


WikiIndaba Conference was the regional conference for Africans both within and in the diaspora. The first edition was held in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2014 by Wikimedia ZA, the 2017 edition was held in Accra, Ghana by Open Foundation West Africa, the 2018 edition was held in Tunis, Tunisia by Wikimedia TN Usergroup, the 2019 edition was held in Abuja, Nigeria by in Abuja, FCT, Nigeria by the Wikimedia UG Nigeria. The 2020 edition of the conference was supposed to be held in Kampala,Uganda but was postponed and was instead be held in 2021 as a virtual event hosted by the Wikimedia Community User Group Uganda .The 2022 addition happened in Kigali ,Rwanda hosted by The Wikimedia Community User Group Rwanda

Wiki Indaba Present logo

WikiVibrance 2022 in Rwanda WikiVibrance International Youth Day (IYD) 2022 is a group of Vibrant youths that contribute to Wikipedia and its sister projects. The group is willing to share ideas and collaborate with individuals/groups that share same objectives

Wiki Loves Monuments  This annual public photographic contest where people can contribute media (photographs, about their Monument to Wikimedia Commons for use on Wikipedia and other project websites of the Wikimedia Foundation. At it’s heart it is an annual competition that crowdsources photographs, videos and recordings of Africa to form an open licensed archive of materials that tells the story of heritage monuments on Wikipedia through the eyes of its people
Timeline:the project was Launched at 4th October and closed 31st October 2022
Participants: The user group Rwanda attended the project almost one month and managed to upload 358 photos

Wikimania Kigali Rwanda 2022
the seventeenth Wikimedia conference, brought Wikimedians together to create, celebrate and connect, virtually and with in-person components. It will be four days of gathering, discussions, meetups, training, and workshops. to discuss issues, report on new projects and approaches, and exchange ideas. The theme for that year’s virtual Wikimania was “The Festival Edition”. We came together to spotlight projects and movement groups and celebrate the diversity of our vast community. Wikimania: The Festival Edition! can be summed up in three words: it will be fun, alive, and vibrant; it will be regional, shining a light on communities across the movement through the festivities; and it will welcome newcomers, creating a safe space for first-time attendees that illuminates and inspires.

Wikimania logo

Wiki Loves Earth is an annual international photographic competition. Participants take pictures of local natural heritage in Rwanda and upload them to Wikimedia Commons, a sister project of Wikipedia. In 2022, the contest held for the 10th time globaly and the for 3rd time in RWANDA.
Wikipedia Pages Wanting Photos Campaign 2022

WPWP logo 1

Wikipedia Pages Wanting Photos 2022 was the third edition of an annual campaign where Wikipedia editors in Rwanda, Wikipedia language projects and communities add photos to Wikipedia articles lacking photos. This was to promote the use of digital media files collected from various Wikimedia photography contests as well as phot walks organized by the Wikimedia community. Photographs help to grasp the reader's attention better than a wall of text, enrich and illustrate content, and make the article more instructive and engaging for readers. Thousands of images have been donated and contributed to Wikimedia Commons via various advocacy programs, photowalks, and contests including international photography contests such as Wiki Loves Monuments, Wiki Loves Africa, Wiki Loves Earth, Wiki Loves Folklore, etc.

MSIG in Africa Great Lakes region

Wikimedia 2030 Movement Strategy Recommendations in English

Since 2017, the Wikimedia Movement embarked on an open strategy process to decide the scope of action towards the horizon of 2030. Contrary to the development of a traditional strategy, an open strategy process allows numerous people to generate, discuss, and evaluate ideas. From the discussions, about 10 recommendations and 45 initiatives have been elaborated. The Wikimedia Community User Group Rwanda has chosen to focus on the "Global approach for local skills development" as our main interest.
Wikimedia Movement Strategy in Great Lakes Region (WMSGL) was a project that aims to learn more about the Wikimedia local communities in Rwanda, Burundi, and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to understand the best way can be engaged.
The main rationale to implement this project in the great lakes region based on various similarities in many aspects of the countries including the languages, lifestyles and the mutual support that has been in existence recently to support each other on different projects.
Project Overview
There is a need to create a systematic, global approach to skill development for our local communities (Rwanda, Burundi & DRC), and our community members. To do that needed to:

Establish a methodology that maps assets and needs and generates aggregated data for deploying skills development initiatives based on real needs.
Establish a service that facilitates connecting/matching peers across the Movement for teaching and learning skills.
Establish a system that encourages a diversity of methods, including training, mentoring, consulting, online learning, peer-to-peer support, and events.
Create incentives for skill development (online and offline) through the recognition of skills (e.g. through open badges).

WIKIGAP 2022 in Rwanda Welcomed to the Wikipedia writing challenge, organized by The Wikimedia Community User Group Rwanda, with an aim of bridging the gender internet gap by improving the coverage of Rwandan Women on both English and Kinyarwanda Wikipedia! This was a public writing competition to create and improve articles to strengthen Wikipedia's coverage of Rwandan Women Wikipedia.
thumb|wikigap 2022 Kigali edit-athon

Wiki for rights to a healthy environment


In march 2022 the #WikiForHumanRight campaign was to make sure that everyone has access to neutral,
fact-based, and current information around our Right to Healthy Environment.
The Right to a healthy environment emphasized on both a legal right acknowledged by the UN,
but also a way of connecting human rights and the triple planetary crisis we face
In Rwanda the contest focused on biodiversity . For more information on topics visit">
Rwanda rights to healthy environment

Wiki Loves Africa 2022 in Rwanda


We planned to have Wiki Loves Africa 2022 as the 3rd edition in Rwanda from the 15th February until 15th April 2022, the 2022 theme was to be "Home + Habitat" for both humans and animals which will show diversity and uniqueness. We had special training delivered by professional photographers to level up our skills and improve our photography skills.

[[File:WLA 2022 LAUNCH IN KIGALI Participant (Hussein).

Wiki Loves Folklore 2022 in Rwanda


Engaged to host edition of the Wiki Loves Folklore (WLF) from the 15th February until 15th April 2022. WLF for last year was to be a contest focusing on photography about folk culture of different regions, including folk dances, folk music, folk activities, folk games, folk cuisine, folk wear, folklore, and tradition, including ballads, folktales, fairy tales, legends, traditional song and dance, folk plays, games, seasonal events, calendar customs, folk arts, folk religion, mythology, etc. The contest/campaign is targeted at protecting the world’s intangible cultural heritage.

WikiVibrance 2022 in Rwanda


The WikiVibrance aims at commemorating African Youth Month (AYM) 2021_2022. The project aimed to recognize and commemorate the African Youth Month (AYM) 2021 2022 in the Wikimedia movement by working with Wikimedia communities in Africa to engage their young people in a series of events that will require them to build their capacity and improve content related to the 4E's of the AYM namely : Education: Employment Entrepreneurship, Engagement. It shared how the movement, people, and work have contributed to the 4E's in Africa.

Timeline: 18th.January 2022 -24th.Febr 2022 Wiki Vibrance Launch photos

Campaign dashboard link

WikiVibrance IYD 2022 in Rwanda (Theme "Intergenerational Solidarity: Creating a World for all Ages”, happened from September 14 to September 30, 2022 where 557 new articles created by members of Wikimedia Community User Group Rwanda on Wikipedia)

1. Abatagatifu (with 25.6 points from 211 articles) 2. JackNation (with 23.9 points from 86 articles) 3. Rosine Igirimpuhwe (with 15.99 points from 44 articles)
Participants New editors: 7 Experienced editors: 18
Organizers Uwayezu Protais Mutijima Germain

WikiLoves Women SheSaid 2022 in Rwanda (Happened from 3th December 2022 to 17 December 2022, 289 new pages were created, and in total 303 pages were edited on English and French wikiquotes by members of Rwanda Wikimedia Community User Group)

Wikiindaba 2022 conference


from 04th-06th november-2022, Our community hosted Wikiindaba conference whose aim was the Building capacity for African Wikimedians,Fostering growth of the coverage and involvement of Africa in Wikimedia projects,Connecting African Wikimedians both within the continent and in the diaspora and Turning ideas into action the conference brought togrther up to 148 Wikimedians from various wikimedia communities and the CEO of Wikimedia foundation.