Wikimedia thematic organizations/Instructions for Application

This the instructional page for using the Wikimedia Chapter and Thematic Organization application Template to generate a subpage of your group's page to apply for recognition as a Wikimedia affiliated Thematic Organization. This includes demonstrating each of the criteria for becoming a new thematic organization as outlined in the Affiliates portal guidelines and in the templated sections that follow.

In addition, there is more specific info here:

How to create and submit your application for Thematic Organization recognitionEdit

As far as the application process is concerned, there are eight criteria that a user group needs to meet in order to be recognized as thematic organizations.  A list of these criteria, as well as a description of the information that you should submit to demonstrate how you meet them, can be found in the template as detailed below. Importantly, you should

  1. Create a subpage on your meta user group page using the space label “/Application for Thematic Organization Status” for thematic organization applications. There you should:
  2. Apply the template Template:Chapter or Thematic Org Application by copying all the mark-up from the "Edit Source" view or tab and pasting it to your new subpage.
  3. You will then work through the template instructions on your subpage to replace the italicized instructions with your evidence of meeting the criteria being sure to include descriptive text along with any links shared. Once your bylaws are ready for sharing, please# Submit them to the committee at affcom[at] so that the committee may begin their review and comment period for the bylaws as you continue to complete your application. Once the committee sends feedback regarding your bylaws, please
  4. Revise bylaws as appropriate, based on committee feedback, before you complete the final step to
  5. Submit your application page to the committee at affcom[at]

>>> Template:Chapter or Thematic Org Application