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There are sources for statistics available about various Wikimedia projects. Please link to any you know of from this page. These statistics are limited to quantitative data; qualitative (non-numerical) data are excluded.

Groups within the Wikimedia movement collect many different statistical indicators for the purpose of evaluating the movement's work. These indicators live in many different dashboards and are cultivated by many different people. For information about raw data generated by Wikimedia projects, see Research:Data.

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Main article: Traffic reporting

As of early 2016, the Pageviews Analysis tool is the most basic tool available for giving pageview reports on single Wikipedia articles to typical Wikimedia community members.

  • Pageviews Analysis: If given the title of a Wikipedia article and a date range, this tool reports how many pageviews that article got in that range.
  • Topviews: Most viewed pages of a project
  • Mediaviews: If given the title of a media (image, video, audio etc.) and a date range, this tool reports how many pageviews that media request got in that range. You can also do a comparison of media requests across multiple files.

Server and site performance edit

Information about what kind of day the Wikimedia servers are having. See Wikimedia servers#Status and problems for a complete list.

Project Associated resources Description Major custodian(s)
Grafana A dashboard for site performance and load metrics.

Other resources edit

Project Associated resources Description Major custodian(s)
Metrics Standardization (2014) A 2014 project led by the WMF's Research department which aims to define and identify useful metrics, which others can then collect and use. Aaron Halfaker
Event Metrics Documentation A web-based tool which allows coordinators of projects like edit-a-thons to track the editing activity of a specific cohort of users.
Movement Metrics Core metrics-Data glossary Definitions of core metrics of the Wikimedia Product department Product Analytics team

MediaWiki edit

For full list, see mw:Development statistics.

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Special:Statistics is available on all wikis (see Statistics of Wikimedia projects) and collated for all of them into mutante's wikistats (also archived on-wiki).

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Statistics in this section are available for specially for a small number of languages, and may not be regularly calculated.

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