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Turkish Wikipedia Awarded Best Content By "Web Oscars of Turkey"

Turkish Wikipedia has been awarded “Best Content,” by Gold Spider Web Awards. The competition, referred to as the “Web Oscars of Turkey, aims to promote successful projects that's been prepared using web and Internet technologies. Wikipedia representatives were given the award during a January 25, 2007 ceremony held at the Istanbul Technical University.

”We are very excited to receive this award, which solidifies our presence in the Turkish language world-wide web. We are committed to further developing the Turkish language edition of Wikipedia, and making it the best resource for Turkish speakers, and lovers of knowledge at large.” states Vito Genovese, one of the admins of Turkish Wikipedia.

Turkish Wikipedia beat out over 1.060 other websites for what is considered one of three Gold Spider Web’s top awards. To illustrate the website’s collaborative nature and the diversity of contributors, two representatives who differed dramatically in both age and background, were chosen by the Wikipedia Turkish community to attend the ceremony. Nerval, a 26 year old business student that has studied in France, USA, and Turkey; and Metal Militia, a 49 year old professor at Faculty of Chemistry and Metallurgy of Istanbul Technical University.

”Wikipedia is made for the people by the people. Anyone can contribute and edit entries, regardless of sex, age, or gender,” states Vito Genovese.

The Turkish language edition of Wikipedia was started in December 2002. Since then the edition has grown exponentially, and currently has 40,000 articles. It is the 25th largest Wikipedia, and it is one of 19 Wikipedias that has had over one million article edits. Currently, the site has 50,000 registered users.

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