Wikimedia meetup 2005/City Candidate List/Correspondence with DCB 1

	From: 	  ropers at ropersonline dot com
	Subject: 	Wikimedia meetup 2005
	Date: 	12 October 2004 14:45:13 GMT+02:00
	To: 	  dcb at dublinconventionbureau dot com

Hi there,

I'm writing to make preliminary enquiries about 
convention/meeting facilities in Dublin. We are considering 
holding the Wikimedia meetup 2005 in Dublin. Little is settled 
at this stage -- we're mostly trying to get a rough idea of 
the local pricing structure for venues.

NOTE: You may already have been contacted by others regarding 
this -- this is entirely possible since we're a decentralized 
organization. If so, then please tell me so. 

Event details: 

Location: It is not yet settled that the event will be in 
Dublin. It might take place in another city. This is a 
preliminary enquiry to get as much information as possible 
(among other things to bolster Dublin's candidature).

Attendees: We haven't decided for how many participants to plan 
for exactly, but conference locations should have one hall for 
at least 200 people (or more) + several smaller workshop rooms. 
We're currently expecting 200 or above and are planning on 
possibly also attracting a bigger (outside) audience.

Date: Summer 2005 -- we're not sure yet exactly when. Dates 
should be best four days around the weekend, from Friday to 
Monday somewhere in the range from July to September (it would 
be great if you could tell us exact dates when conference 
facilities would be available and how much notice in terms of 
advance booking you require).

Further details: The Wikimedia meetup 2005 is a planned 
convention/face-to-face meeting of contributors/users of the 
and other Wikimedia Foundation projects -- see

The meeting is being planned here
and here

A contributor has said that the RDS, the Helix at DCU or the 
O'Reilly Hall at UCD might be suitable venues (depending on 
size). Is is possible to obtain further details/quotes 
regarding these from you? That is not to say that we were not 
interested in other good venues.

We'll need an answer to this preliminary enquiry before the end 
of this week. Even if you can't say anything concrete, mere 
_rough_ cost estimates for eg. 3 different venue sizes would be 
of great help to us. My understanding from your website is that 
your service is free to us? Presumably you charge venue 
owners/get a commission from them if a booking is made? If not 
please don't consider this an order/request for service but 
please clarify.

Many thanks in advance,

Thanks and regards,
Jens Ropers