Wikimedia extensions

This is a list of installed extensions on Wikimedia wikis. This is taken from the CommonSettings.php file on NOC.

If you want to see which extensions are on specific wiki, the best place to look at the wiki's Special:Version page.

For a similar list of extensions compiled in a different manner, take a gander at mw:Special:WhatLinksHere/Template:OnWikimedia.


These are standard and are included in all Wikimedia wikis.


These are commonly requested. Some thought should be given to deploying these on all wikis.


These are specific to a certain wiki.

  • wgDBname == foundationwiki
    • FormPreloadPostCache
    • SkinPerPage
      • Schulenburg
      • Tomas
      • Donate
    • ContributionReporting
    • ContactPageFundraiser
  • wgDBname == mediawikiwiki
    • ExtensionDistributor
  • wgDBname == enwikisource
    • ScanSet
  • wgDBname == strategywiki
    • StrategyWiki/ActiveStrategy
  • wgDBname == testwiki || wgDBname == foundationwiki
    • CommunityHiring
  • wgDBname == officewiki
    • CommunityApplications