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This is the Chapters report for Wikimedia Sverige, April 2012.

Board meetingEdit

We held a board meeting via Google Hangout April 10.[1]


For the first time we have collaboration with the GLAM-sector to hire a Wikipedian in Residence. Or actually two, one developer and one evangelist. Both will interact and inspire the employees, share good examples and be part of the team at the museum.

Wiki skillsEdit

Summary from report for March:

Leo and Anna has primarily worked with "WP2 User needs and training opportunities" which is one of the two work packages where Wikimedia Sverige leads some tasks. In March we spent a lot of time preparing for the introductory course that all partners will teach with their respective audiences. Wikimedia Sverige introductory course is designed to provide more details about what it takes for our target audience consisting of mainly vocational teachers who already have basic knowledge of wikis to successfully use wikis as part of their teaching. Before the course we have been involved in preparing and publishing a survey for this target group (see "published" below). Also, time has been spent to write some sections of the "European state of the art report": analysis of existing wiki software, analysis of existing wiki farms, comparing wikis and other social web tools and more. Anna has also spent time to guide and provide assistance in using XWiki, one of the tools WikiSkills chosen to use internally.


Europeana AwarenessEdit

The process of hiring an Event manager continued.

Access to technologyEdit

  • We bought our new DSLR camera, a Nikon D7000 with two Zoomlenses. It is now possible to lend the equipment to take great photos our videos.
  • The equipment was used three times:

GLAM-wiki launches the white paper workEdit

In the work of the whitepaper we launched a wiki with the content. We will print the document ande deliver to museum and galleries. But the wiki will be the site where all the information is collected and worked on between printings.

You can find the wiki on this site

Community driven projectsEdit

  • 7 grants recieved in April
  • 5 has been awarded to date

Nordic meetingEdit

Attendees at the meeting in Oslo April 22

A meeting was held in Oslo on April 22 withe representatives from Wikimedia Denmark, Wikimedia Norway and Wikimedia Sweden, following an informal meeting at the Chapters Conference in Berlin in March. An invitation had also been made to Wikimedia Finland. Cooperation on specific common Nordic projects were discussed in some detail. For further information, see Report from Nordic Wikimedia Chapters Meeting in Oslo, April 2012.

The Swedish representatives also attended the Wikipedia Academy on April 23, arranged by Wikimedia Norway. At the Academy, Lennart Guldbrandson made a presentation of the ongoing GLAM "Cultural Heritage on the Net - A Manual" project of Wikimedia Sweden and other WMSE-GLAM Sector experiences in Sweden.

Workshop with WikifemEdit

We held a workshop with nine participants from Wikifem, an initiative to strengthen women at editing Wikipedia. After a short introduction to Wikipedia they learned how to contribute, update, and edit Wikipedia articles. We held a discussion about thoary and practise about editing and also a reflection about the Wikipedia Community.

Notes from the day

Wikifem blogg

Upcoming in MayEdit

  • Wiki takes Norrköping
  • Photo safari in Bergslagen