Wikimedia chapters/Reports/Wikimedia Sverige/201111

This is the Chapters report for Wikimedia Sverige, November 2011.

Board meetingEdit

We had two board meetings, minutes available in Swedish. [1][2]

Extra general meetingEdit

We had an extra general meeting, mostly to get approval from the members for the next years operational plan, minutes available in Swedish, [3] images on Commons. [4]


We had a price ceremony for the writing contest. Blog in Swedish, [5] images on Commons. [6]

Photo fairEdit

We had a booth at Fotomässan "the photo fair" where we informed about free licenses showed of some winners of Wiki loves monuments. Pictures available on Commons. [7] We also translated and printed "Welcome to Wikipedia" [8] and Wikimedia Commons - Das freie Medienarchiv [9] to Swedish.

Nordic Chapter MeetingEdit

During FSCONS, Wikimeda Sverige sponsored travels for Wikimedia Finland, Norway and Denmark to have a small Nordic meetup and discuss how we can work more closely together in the future. Notes on etherpad. [10]