Wikimedia chapters/Reports/Wikimedia Sverige/201110

This is the Chapters report for Wikimedia Sverige, October 2011.

Board meetingEdit

We had one board meeting, minutes available in Swedish. [1]

Wiki Loves MonumentsEdit

To the right, the winner of Wiki Loves Monuments in Sweden.

The jury chose ten winners from the 5135 submitted images. The winning pictures can be seen here.[2] We held a price ceremeony at the Nordic musuem. There are two videos [3][4] and images [5] available.


During October, two photo-hunts sponsored by the chapter took place.

Nobel contestEdit

Award ceremony at the research library of the Nobel museum

In cooperation with the Nobel museum we arranged an article writing contest. The them was Nobel leaurates and the submissions were looked upon of a jury of topic experts from the museum and experienced Wikipedians. [6]

Admin meetingEdit

One of the community driven projects were reported on, namely an in real life meetup for admins to help get the working climate bettter and to try to find ideas for handling with trolls. [7]

Project proposal Literature projectEdit

We submitted an application for a grant from Crown Princess Margareta Memorial Foundation for a reference litterature project, based on the project that Wikimedia Deutschland has been doing the last couple of years. [8]

Wiki skills meetingEdit

The first informal meeting for the project Wiki skills was held. It i an EU founded projerct that will kick-off in full scale in January and our part is to produce educational material about the Wikimedia projects. (Project page in English [9], detailed report in Swedish [10].)

Upcoming in NovemberEdit

  • 11-13 november, FSCONS, Gothenburg. This event will have attendees from Wikimedia Norway, Wikimedia Finland, and Wikimdia Denmark with a special Nordic chapter meetup on the agenda.
  • 18-20 november, the Photo fair, Stockholm
  • 22 November, extra annual gathering, Stockholm