Wikimedia chapters/Reports/Wikimedia Sverige/201105

This is the Chapters report for Wikimedia Sverige, May 2011.

Board meetingEdit

We had one board meeting, minutes available in Swedish. [1]

Wiki Loves MonumentsEdit

We found a project manager for the Wiki Loves Monuments project and hope that we will catch up with the other chapters.


We had one member visiting and talking at the Hackathon in Berlin and blogged about it in Swedish. [2]

Project:Internet in SwedenEdit

The project was noticed by a radio show, RIX FM. There was also a notice in one of the bigger computer magazines in Sweden, Computer Sweden.[3] The project also finished setting up a portal on Swedish Wikipedia.[4]

Organizational Growth & Development NetworkEdit

We started with the work in the project Organizational Growth & Development Network and had a workshop in Stockholm.[5]


Sveriges Radio, the national radio in Sweden, made a short feature called Who are the Wikipedians? focusing on who is writing and what is missing because of that.[6]

Cultural heritage - a potential billion-worthEdit

Thanks to our previous cooperation with the Nordic museum, we got to join them and talk with parliamentarians and other institutions what possibilities there is with a digitized cultural heritage. [7]

Upcoming in JuneEdit

  • 3-6 Attendance at LAN-party
  • 11-12 Photo safari
  • 14 Backstage pass at the Nobel Museum