Wikimedia chapters/Reports/Wikimedia Sverige/201102

This is the chapters report for Wikimedia Sverige, February 2011.

Board meetingEdit

One board meeting has been held. Minutes available in Swedish.[1]

Wrap up of fund raiserEdit

We delivered our report to Wikimedia Foundation. From the fundriser we got 299 887,72 SEK in donations from 1382 donors, averaging a little more than 216 SEK per donor. This was the first time we participated in the fundrasier.


We continued our work with CiviCRM, integrating it with the Swedish online payment system we use, and reported a few bugs to CiviCRM. We also made it possible for members to update their contact details themselves through CiviCRM.

Looking for contractorEdit

We announced that we were looking for contractors to do work similar to what Liam Wyatt did at the British Museum[2] but this time with the theme Internet in Sweden, a project we received funds from .SE,[3] the top domain name registrator[4] in Sweden.


We made nine blog posts[5], all in Swedish.

Wikipedia in MediaEdit

National TV and other media highligthed the fact that autocreated books with content from Wikipedia are beeing sold at Swedish book webshops.[6]