Wikimedia chapters/Reports/Wikimedia Sverige/2009 May-July

Wikimedia Sveriges chapters report for May, June and July 2009.

Chapters meetingEdit

Three board members attended the chapters meeting and another three members on the developers meetup. I gave us a lot of inspiration and energy. Thanks to WMDE for a great event and to all attendees for being so great!

Wikipedia AcademyEdit

Our chairman, Lennart Guldbrandsson attended the Wikipedia Academy in USA. He was cited in Wikipedia Signpost. [1] The cooperation with NIH has reached Swedish media.[2]


THe NPG has reached Swedish media, mainly translating English media. [3]

On a more positive note we have several good contacts with different institutions and we can hopefully soon announce the first donation of pictures to WMSE.

Board meetingsEdit

We had two board meetings this period and both minutes are online in Swedish. [4][5]

University courseEdit

This fall the first University course in Wikipedia will start (7,5 ECTS credits).[6] WMSE is not directly involved doing this, but we support it and a member is the teacher and as litterature Lennart's book wmse:Så fungerar Wikipedia (How Wikipedia works) will be used.

Seminars and conferencesEdit

We have held two talks about what Wikipedia is, for Swedish tourist journalists and secondary upper class teachers.


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