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Financial matters edit

We have finally sorted out tax deducible donations list and calculated current cash-flow. We have actually 146 585.80 PLN (around 36 827 EUR) + 99 EUR on our bank accounts. Until 12.12.2008 we have raised 176 823.54 PLN (44 4234 EUR) of which 136 636.05 PLN were tax deducible donations and 40 187.49 other sources of income. At the same time we have spent 42 040.67 PLN (10 562 EUR). The vast majority of our costs were various direct and indirect support of Polish Wikimedia project's community (travel costs to various conferences, organising meetings and conferences, wikicontest etc.).

Meetings edit

Wikiacademy in Chorzów
Wikiacademy for teachers in Chorzów
On 23 October 2008 we have organized a one day Wikiacademy in Chorzów. It was devoted to explain teachers from secondary schools, how Wikipedia works, and secondary school pupils can effectively use and contribute to the Wikimedia projects. The academy was supported by Chorzów's city council, and took place in City Council conference hall. There were around 30 atendees.
Winter Wikimedia meeting
Winter Wikimedia meeting
Winter Wikimedia Polska Meeting [1] took place in Chorzów 13-14 December 2008. There were around 30 participants, among others 3 guests from Wikimedia Czech: Luděk, Juan de Vojníkov and Aktron. Winter Meeting is not a conference but rather an informal meetup of Wikimedian from Poland, so the official program is kept short. There were 4 official lectures/discussions (about deletion requests, proper citations marking, Wikijourney project and Wiktionary progress) and many informal ones - among others comparision of Czech's and Polish Wikimedia projects, discussion about quality maitenance projects etc. During the Meeting there was also a formal meeting of Wikimedia Polska Board focused on current issues.

Promotion edit

We have started prepartion of our monthly Bulletin. The first number consists of 12 pages in print [2]. It contains news from our Association, from Polish Wikimedia Projects, from Wikimedia Foundation, Polish press coverage and news from outside world which are of interest to Wikimedia community. First issue (15 November) has been printed in 50 copies and distributed among Winter Conference atendees as well as used for promotional purposes. The second issue (19 December) is currenty available in wiki and pdf [3].
We have prepared and printed 100 copies of Wikicalendar [4]. It is based on pictures of the month from Wikimedia Commons and list of Wikimedia-related events. It is been distrubuted to selected wikimedians in major cities to be used as a gift for potential donors, journalists, officials etc.
Ency in Moscow
  • 21 December 2008 : Marcin Cieślak (User:Saper) - a lecture "Википедија и други Викимедијини пројекти на пољском језику" (Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects in Polish language) during a Third Wikimedia Serbia Conference [5].
  • 9 Dcember 2008 r. Technical Univ. of Poznan - a lecture: "Wikipedia (not only Polish) on the crossroad" given by Ency during a seminar organized by Polish Informatics Association.
  • 9 December 2008 - University of Warsaw: a lecture about Polish Wikimedia projects given by Przykuta during the conference "Private property in the Internet era an globalisation.
  • 6 November 2008: Brief introduction to Wikimedia projects and invited panelist in discussion "Information and multimedia society" given by Polimerek during "EMC Forum" in Warsaw.
  • 18/19 October 2008: "Polish Wikipedia: general review" and "Introduction to Wikimedia Polska Association" - lecutres given by Ency during "Wikimedia Moscow Conference".

Polish Domain Day
Public Domain Day
  • 30 December : Co-organization of Public Domain Day in Poland together with other members of KOED. It was a kind of press conference, which was covered by several radio stations and newspaper (see press section). [6], [7]. Polimerek - National Library, Warsaw.

Other activities edit

New projects take shape
New projects: Wikipstryk (A photo contest), Konkurs "Hufiec harcerski" (Scout's project devoted to writing articles about scouting), and Wikiexpedition are in progress on the level of planing and preprations.
As a part of our Wikicontest we encouraged Wikimedia's projects editors to apply for support in buying books needed to write/improve content. We accepted 25 proposals from Polish editors of Wikipedia, Wikibooks and Wiktionary and one from editor of English Wikipedia living in US. Only 3 proposals have been rejected.

Open Education Coalition (KOED) edit

Open Education Coalition - freshly signed agreement

Open Education Coalitons has been finaly established. The formal agreement between Fundacja Nowoczesna Polska, Polish Librarian Associciaton, Creative Commons Polska, and Wikimedia Polska has been signed on 27 November 2008, and announced oficialy during Polish Librarian's Annual Conference which took place in National Library in Warsaw. Wikimedia Polska hosts the oficial web page of the coaliton: and its E-mail list. The coalition is about to be a lobby group for creation and support of open content educational resources in Poland.

Press and media edit

In Polish media several topics conernig Wikimedia projects were covered:

  • the story about blocking Wikipedia in UK
  • information of idea to organize Wikimania 2010 in Gdańsk
  • information about checked version mechanism which was enabled in Polish Wikipedia
  • information about Public Domain Day
  • story about President of Poland mentioning Wikipedia in his official media broadcast
  • story about using Wikipedia by Polish judges in their sentences explanations.

Mainstream media edit

Internet media edit

  • 208-12-30 [12] - about Public Domain Day.
  • 2008-12-30 [13] - "About Public Domain Day",
  • 2008-12-30 - "Wikipedia may dissapear from Internet" - a rather silly story about Wikimedia fundraising and world cris :-)
  • 2008-12-19 - "Publish in Wikipedia or die" - a story about "RNA Biology" journal and idea to send abstracts of original papers to Wikipedia.
  • 2008-12-16 - "Mobile Wikipedia"
  • 2008-12-15 - "Wikipedia people are about to visit Gdans?"
  • 2008-12-11 - "The founder of Wikipedia expects major changes in Internet"
  • 2008-12-10 - "Wikimania 2010 in Gdańsk? We have real chance!"
  • 2008-12-10 - "Great Britain: Wikipedia unblocked"
  • 2008-12-09 Z - "Real Madrit supportes abuses Wikipedia"
  • 2008-12-08 - "Brittish ISP's block Wikipedia"
  • 2008-12-08 - "Great Britain: Wikipedia cenzored"
  • 2008-12-08 - "Wikipedia cenzored"
  • 2008-12-06 - "Interwiki links in Wikipedia"
  • 2008-12-04 - "Support Wikipedia"
  • 2008-12-04 - "Wikipedia to receive 890 000 USD grant"
  • 2008-12-04 - "Wikipedia is going to be simpler"
  • 2008-12-03 - "Wikipedia: 890 000 USD grant"
  • 2008-11-26 - "Wikipedia is a poor medical advisor",
  • 2008-11-26 Wiadomoś - "Wikipedians - who they are?"
  • 2008-11-24 - "We want to pay for google and Wikipedia"
  • 2008-11-20 - "Polish Wikipedia fighting with vandals" (A story about checked versions),
  • 2008-11-19 - "Story about stable versions"
  • 2008-11-19 Dziennik Internautów - "Polish Wikipedia fights with vandals"
  • 2008-11-18 - "Polish Wikipedia: We say NO! for vandals", - "Stable versions mechanism started in Polish Wikipedia"
  • 2008-11-17 - "Germany: A politian blocked Wikipedia"
  • 2008-11-10 - "Sentence in behalf of.. Wikipedia ?! (about judges using Wikipedia as their main source of information)
  • 2008-11-10 - "Courts are sentencing based on Wikipedia?"
  • 2008-11-10 - "Courts are about to sentece based on Wikipedia?"
  • 2008-11-09 - "Wikipedia enters Polish courts"
  • 2008-11-07 - "Wikipedia needs 6 milion USD"
  • 2008-11-06 Dziennik Internautów - "6 milion USD for Wikipedia"
  • 2008-10-26 - "Wikipedians writes Wikipedia in forest"
  • 2008-10-24 Polish president cites Wikipedia:,,,,