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Community Support edit

Wiki-Dialog Coaching Day edit

Wiki-Dialog Coaching Day

Wiki-Dialog is a collaborative project supported by WMAT, WMDE and WMCH. It consists of a series of online seminars/workshops about topics concerning Wikipedians (see March Report#Wiki-Dialog). The first Wiki-Dialog – with quality in Wikipedia as topic – is scheduled for June and July. It was initiated by an Austrian volunteer. In order to prepare this Wiki-Dialog a coaching day was held in WMDE’s office in Berlin. – Active volunteers involved: 2, WMAT staff involved: 1, WMDE staff involved: 2, external expert involved: 1. – WMAT support: travel grant, coaching, documentation.

Wiki-Dialog Coaching Day in the German-language Wikipedia

Wiktionary Conference edit

The 2nd conference of the German-language Wiktionary took place in Berlin. 2 of the 10 participants were Austrians. WMAT had not been involved in Wiktionary activities before. Beginning with travel and book grants, there are hopes to support this small but stable Wikipedia sister project also in the future. - Active volunteers involved: 2. - WMAT support: 2 travel grants.

Report in members wiki (in German)
Conference log (in German)
Images on Wikimedia Commons

Free Content Generation edit

Wiki Loves Earth edit

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Austria participated in Wiki Loves Earth for the first time. Before it started, collecting data from different government agencies and the unpredictable acceptance by the photo community for a new topic provoked a feeling of being in uncharted waters. Nevertheless WMAT benefited from its experiences with former photo competitions. Just counting the numbers, Wiki Loves Earth in Austria was a remarkable success: 6,534 images were uploaded to Wikimedia Commons for the competition. At least 180 new users (72.87 % of all participants) registered on Wikimedia Commons for Wiki Loves Earth in Austria in May 2014 (8 hide their registration date). The new users were mainly generated by WMAT's efforts to engage multipliers such as the Austrian Alpine Associaction to promote the competition (through their website, newsletter etc.). - Active volunteers involved: 5, WMAT staff involved: 2 (+1 service supplier) - WMAT support: website, information material, contact management with partner organizations / multipliers, awards (vouchers), mailing, coordinating the jury. (in German)
Commons:Wiki Loves Earth 2014 in Austria (in English)

Wikipedians in Seifhennersdorf edit

An Austrian volunteer (note the WMAT cap) as Wikipedian in Seifhennersdorf

"Wikipedians in Seifhennersdorf" was the first Wikimedian Meetup in the three border region of Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland. It included photography tours with Upper Lusatian houses ("Umgebindehäuser") as main subjects. These tours resulted in more than 2500 images uploaded on Wikimedia Commons. The project was supported by WMAT, WMCZ, WMDE and WMPL. - Active volunteers involved: approx. 30. - WMAT support: equipment.

Project page of Wikipedians in Seifhennersdorf on Wikimedia Commons

Reach / Free Knowledge Awareness edit

Guest lectures at the University of Vienna edit

Following an invitation in the wake of "Wikipedia meets University" (see also March Report#Wikipedia meets University), two Wikimedians were guest speakers at a course by Anton Tantner at the University of Vienna. The lectures and discussions were about Wikimedia, Wikipedia and Wikisource, the course as a whole themed around historical science and the digital revolution. Duration: 2 hours, attendees: approx. 20. - WMAT staff involved: 1, active volunteers involved: 1.

Organisational Development edit

Board Training (second edition) edit

Based on the successful boards training workshop held in March this year, we are organising another such workshop, this time coinciding with Wikimania in London. This workshop will be based on March training workshop, with largely the same material covered but comprised to a one day event. It's intended for people who are (or will shortly be) board members of Chapters or Thematic Organisations. This session is planned for 7 August 2014, i.e. as a pre-meeting to Wikimania.

WMAT coordinated program and speakers and will cover the registration fees for some participants from the global south. - WMAT staff involved: 1

For more details, including a provisional agenda, please go to Boards training workshop August 2014.