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Vienna Office


The closure of the 2012 grant and translation of our Annual Report kept staff and board members busy throughout March. The result can be found here: Fortunately, the Vienna office team could count on back-up by a new team member: Thomas Planinger (User:Plani) joined us in March as a part-time intern for the next couple of months.

It should also be mentioned, that WMAT had it's 5th anniversary this month. According to the official documentation of the register of associations, WMAT was founded on March 13, 2008. However, the celebrations were postponed to a hopefully warmer and sunnier early summer (anticipated date: June, 29 2013).

Photography Workshop

Portrait photography workshop. By Ralf Roletschek CC-BY-SA-3.0

In preparation of the Landtagsprojekte (photographing politicians in State Governments) a special workshop for portrait photography was organized in Vienna for interested community members. The participants not only learned about flash photography and other technical tricks of the trade but also obtained first-hand knowledge from community members who attended and organized similar projects in Germany and shared their lessons learned. WMAT supported the community in organizing the event and provided the funding for the workshop and the travel costs for interested participants who don't live in Vienna.

Photography Projects

Faroer Islands national football team. By Michael Kranewitter CC-BY-SA-3.0

Several other events offered chances for our photographers to gather free license images:

Michael Kranewitter (User: Geiserich77) also wrote a report (in German) on photographing at soccer events which offers many valuable tricks of of the trade for other community members.

WMAT supports these activities with professional and comprehensive camera equipment and organizing accreditations.

Hackathon Sponsoring


WMAT supports WMNL and the organization of the Mediawiki Hackathon in Amsterdam with 1500 Euro. In addition, interested participants from Austria can apply for a grant which covers travel expenses.