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Vienna Office


WMAT hosted Dirk Franke (Benutzer:southpark) from WMDE, who introduced his project on "Paid Editing". An informal community get-togehter was organized in the WMAT office for a first exchange of ideas and opinions. A more in-depth workshop on the topic is planned for early summer, WMAT will provide local support for the organization of the workshop.

Based on the most recent developments at WMUK, WMAT is also evaluating means and methods / best practices of good governance and their relevance for WMAT. The aim is to develop a submission to facilitate the decision-making process of the board.

The technical infrastructure in the office was extended (e.g. back-up server, printer, telephone system).

Landtagsprojekt Niederösterreich


In preparation of the next Landtagsprojekt (Photography project with the Federal Parliaments in Austria) in Niederösterreich (Lower Austria) WMAT invited the Director of the Parliament of Lower Austria to the WMAT office in Vienna. In addition to details of the photography project, other possibilities for cooperation were discussed (e.g. providing pictures of the parliament etc. for Wikimedia Commons, Wikipedia workshops with stakeholders in the Parliamant administration, support and consultation for editing articles, cooperation in projects for civic education of school children). In addtion, WMAT was invited to give a presentation at a meeting of all parliament directors in Austria in April. This provides an excellent chance to arrange future cooperations with the other Federal Parliaments.

Austrian Fundraising Certificate


WMAT successfully applied for the Austrian Fundraising Certificate, an important and generally accepted quality seal for fundraising organizations which proves their economic and transparent use of donation money according to certain regulations. In the wake of the audit process WMAT gives account for its complete activities every year and undergoes a thorough examination by independet auditors. The audit consists of more than 300 questions in 35 categories, all designed to make sure that the organization works efficiently.

The Austrian Fundraising Certificate is an important signal for current and future donators which builds and strengthens their trust in our organization and contributes to a positive reputation of WMAT in particular and the Wikimedia/Wikipedia movement in general.

More information (in German) about the Austrian Fundraising Certificate can be found on the official website:



WMAT is currently exploring means of cooperation with the ORF (Austrian Broadcasting Corporation) as a side project of WikiTV. The idea is to produce Wikiversity and other knowledge-based broadcasts under free license, which will be aired regularly on the commercial-free, public service TV station BRalpha and will also be made available for Wikimedia Commons. In order to get better idea of the chances and challenges associated to the concept, some first programmes are produced at the moment. Based on these experiences, conditions and possibilities for a possible long-term cooperation are evaluated and negotiated at the moment.

The first broadcasts can be found here: