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December 2014

Community Support edit

WikiDienstag edit

WikiDienstag trip to Linz

The WikiDienstag (“WikiTuesday“) is a weekly meet-up in the WMAT office. Volunteers share their knowledge and work together on improving the content of Wikimedia projects.

Topics in December:

WMAT staff involved: 1. - Active volunteers involved: 7–10. - WMAT support: infrastructure, co-organisation, promotion.

WikiDienstag in the German-language Wikipedia

WMAT Calendars edit

In the past years our printed photo calendars had featured images from Wiki Loves Monuments in Austria. The calendars serve as presents for winners of our competitions, our active volunteers and projects partners. For our 2015 calendars we invited our community to propose all kinds of pictures on Wikimedia Commons which were supported by WMAT. Then we selected images for two different calendars: one calendar with a variety of motifs and one on sports - because many of the accreditations we arranged for photographers were for sports events. We sent the printed calenders also to our accreditation partners of this year.

Discussion and presentation page for the WMAT calendar on Wikimedia Commons (in German mostly)
We published a learning pattern to share our experiences with accreditation partners, see below.

Free Content Generation edit

Denkmal-Cup Results edit

The Denkmal-Cup (“Monuments Cup“) was a Wikipedia writing contest which was conceived as a sequel to the Wiki Loves Monuments photography contest. From October 1st to December 31st, editors of the German-language Wikipedia (not only Austrians) should write and enhance articles about monuments worldwide. The idea was to fill the gaps in the WLM concept, i.e. the fact that we have more and more good photographs to document our cultural heritage, while the according articles are missing or incomplete. The 29 participants wrote 156 new articles and improved another 101 articles.

One of our sub-goals was not only to support a motivational atmosphere and the creation of new content but to encourage especially the creation of good or featured articles. That is what we set as one of our goals for 2014: to achieve 5 good or featured articles resulting directly from WMAT activities. This hasn't worked so far with our book grants, so we wanted to try something new. There were extra points for good or featured articles at the Denkmal-Cup. Nevertheless none of the participants tried to undergo the taxing process for a featured or good article. All of the Denkmal-Cup participants were experienced writers and the overall quality of the articles was definitely above average. However, to get an article labeled as “featured“ or “good“ in the German-language Wikipedia has become more and more difficult and wearisome.

WMAT support: prizes (3 book vouchers), organisational support (including the set-up of the contest page in Wikipedia), lending books on monuments from our own library. - Active volunteers involved: 29. - WMAT staff involved: 1.

Denkmal-Cup in the German-language Wikipedia

Denkmal-Cup Edit-a-thon edit

The Denkmal-Cup Edit-a-thon took place at the Federal Monuments Office in Hofburg Palace. It was the second edit-a-thon in Austria after the TFM Edit-a-thon in April 2014. This time our target group was different: not newbies but experienced Wikipedians. They were allowed to use the book rarities of the Federal Monuments Office's library. The edit-a-thon lasted for 7 ½ hours.

Results (Wikimetrics)
Bytes added
Bytes added
Edits Articles
28125 26557 103 5

WMAT support: organisation, technical equipment, food and drinks. - Federal Monuments Office support: premises, introduction to the library, technical equipment, food and drinks. - Active volunteers involved: 7 (including 1 WMAT board member). - WMAT staff involved: 3.

Denkmal-Cup Edit-a-thon in the German-language Wikipedia

Organisational Development edit

Strategy Meeting edit

On Saturday, December 13, WMAT board and staff met for the last strategy meeting in 2014. The main topics were a review of the goals and targets of the year and to what extend we met them as well as an analysis of successes and shortcomings and the according learning for next year. By and large we are happy with the achievements of the year, a detailed analysis will be available in our impact report by the end of March 2014.

Another important topic was to identify and prepare the strategic themes for 2015. The focus will be on the revision of the mid-term strategic plan for the chapter, starting with the creation of a mission statement for WMAT. A working group comprising all major stakehodlers of the chapter (members, board, staff) will be established and responsible for developing a process and the draft of the statement itself. It was also decided to participate in the chapter effectiveness survey, as the results might bring valuable input for the strategy process.

The meeting ended with a Christmas dinner which was a good occasion to introduce our new team member Annemarie to all board members.

Board members involved: 7. - WMAT staff involved: 2.

Learning Pattern edit