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We sent out our newsletter of May.

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Analysis of Dutch GLAM-Wiki projects in relation to the Dutch Digital Heritage Reference ArchitectureEdit

In 2019, Wikimedia Nederland was approached with the question if the GLAM-Wiki process - cultural institutions contributing content to Wikimedia projects - can be analyzed in relation to the Dutch DERA (Digitaal Erfgoed Referentie Architectuur / Digital Heritage Reference Architecture) of the Dutch Digital Heritage Network. DERA is a reference architecture in the Dutch heritage sector, and aims to make heritage information in the Dutch Digital Heritage Network more visible for end users, using the principles of Linked Open Data. The DERA wiki (in Dutch) has detailed information about the various components of DERA.

In the past months, a small committee of staff and board members of Koninklijke Bibliotheek, Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid and Wikimedia Nederland has started working on this analysis. The committee describes the relationship between (Dutch) GLAM-Wiki projects and DERA, an analysis based on several practical case studies:

Also see information about this analysis on Wikimedia Nederland's wiki, and the 'backlog item' (task/ticket) about this analysis on DERA's wiki (in Dutch):

Utrecht Archives

Content donation from Utrecht ArchivesEdit

Thanks to the help of dozens of Wikimedians, The Utrecht Archives are now able to upload all open-licensed images within their collection to Wikimedia Commons. These are more than 150,000 photos, illustrations and maps. "To make sure that the images will be easy to find on Wikimedia Commons, we have linked keywords from our archive to the categories on Wikimedia Commons, with the help of Wikimedians." tells Rick Companje, initiator and employee of the Utrecht Archives. "We have now started uploading the first batch. We start with the subcollection Railways because we know this collection is very popular. By sharing these images from our collection on Wikimedia Commons, we hope that even more people enjoy it and be able to use it in research and the online documentation of heritage". The upload itself will take weeks several and can be tracked via this category.

Article: Detecting Wikipedia articles strongly based on single library collectionsEdit

The Dutch Wikipedia article on Vuilnisman (waste collector) is fully based on information from newspaper articles in Delpher, a website containing full-text Dutch-language digitized historical newspapers

Detecting Wikipedia articles strongly based on single library collections, 247 Dutch Wikipedia articles that wouldn't be here without Delpher and DBNL, with 33.000 views each month

In this article Olaf Janssen, the Wikimedia coordinator of the KB, the national library of the Netherlands, illustrates an approach to detect Wikipedia articles whose contents are fully or largely based on content from a single online source, such as a full-text digitized newspaper archive or a digital text library. Using Dutch Wikipedia he tracks down 247 articles that owe their existence to Delpher and DBNL, two full-text collections operated by the KB.

This approach might be relevant for GLAMs that have digital text collections used by the Wikipedia community for writing articles.

Read the article on Github

Collection highlights of the Koninklijke Bibliotheek (National library of the Netherlands)Edit

Inspired by the work Andrew Lih has done for the Metropolitain Museum of Art and after attending his presentation at Wikidatacon 2019 the KB, the National library of the Netherlands, started a new project in which they focus on the accessibility and (re)usability of digital data and images of 72 collection highlights in their collection. These collection highlights range from medieval manuscripts, picture books, atlases and armorials to alba amicorum and magazines. Daniëlle Jansen will be ensuring that all the data, images and information will be findable and (re)usable in different file formats via wiki projects like Wikimedia Commons (including structured data), Wikidata and the English and Dutch language Wikipedia's.

On the website of the KB ( it is now possible also to not only scroll through the full works of the collection hightlights but you will find a direct link to Wikimedia Commons in order to download all the images and texts seperately.

A small gallery of images of some collection highlights donated by the Koninklijke Bibliotheek.


Group picture online WikiFriday May 15th 2020

On 15 May, together with our partners Atria and IHLIA, we organised the second online Wiki Friday to bring more information about Women and LHBT+ topics within Wikimedia projects.

This afternoon we divided the group of participants into two groups. One group worked together and was able to ask questions directly to the facilitators. The other group took part in an interview. The topic of the discussion was: You now know how to edit Wikipedia. But how do you actually start? Two experienced Wikipedians were willing to explain their way of working, it was an instructive and good conversation, where there was plenty of room for participants to ask questions.


Online WikiSaturday - Wiki Goes Carribean and National AchivesEdit

On May 9th we organized an online Wiki Saturday for our community. Tico Koopmans, from Dutch National Archives gave a talk about their efforts to contribute to the Wiki Goes Carribean project. 10 participants joined this edition of the online WikiSaturday.