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Communication and publicityEdit


We sent out our newsletter of April and a special edition related to the corona pandemic.


GLAMs / ContentEdit

In recent months, various collections kindly donated by Dutch Africanists to the Afrika-Studiecentrum Leiden have been uploaded onto Wikimedia Commons in the category Collections of the African Studies Centre (Leiden).

NSAG collectionEdit

In 1961-1962 a group of Dutch students made an extensive road trip from Egypt and Sudan to the south to Uganda, and by way of Tchad, Cameroon and Nigeria finishing in Senegal. A first sample of the photographs by Leiden University medical professor L.A. van Es, then one of these students:

Wiki goes Caribbean: online meetup and two media donationsEdit

April 2020 was an eventful month for the Wiki goes Caribbean project.

Online meetup with participants from Aruba, Curaçao and the Netherlands

On April 25, the project's first online project meetup took place. By moving this meeting online in response to the Corona crisis, it has now also become possible for participants based in the Dutch Caribbean to take part. No less than 19 people gathered on April 25. The meeting included a short presentation by Peter Scholing from Bibliotheca Nacional Aruba, an introduction to describing images with the ISA Tool, a Wikipedia introduction, and some discussions about technical and social support for the small, but steadily-growing, Papiamentu/o-language Wikipedia. A report in Dutch is available online.

Photographs from the collection of Biblioteca Nacional Aruba

The Biblioteca Nacional Aruba contributed approximately 100 images to Wikimedia Commons: a set of early 20th-Century photographs of Curaçao by the photo studio Soublette et fils. All files can be viewed in the Wikimedia Commons category Biblioteca Nacional Aruba upload 2020-04.

Photographs from the collection of Nationaal Museum van Wereldculturen

The Nationaal Museum van Wereldculturen contributed more than 600 images to Wikimedia Commons; mainly anonymous old photographs of the Dutch Caribbean region and Suriname. All files can be viewed in the Wikimedia Commons category Fotografisch materiaal voor Wiki goes Caribbean uit het Nationaal Museum van Wereldculturen.

Online WikiFridayEdit

Atria, Institute on gender equality and women's history, IHLIA, the heritage organisation that collects and makes accessible information in the field of the LGBT community and Wikimedia Nederland have joined forces to organise online WikiFridays.

Prior to the corona crisis Atria and IHLIA each held their own WikiVrijdag in their library in Amsterdam. In order to lighten the workload of the volunteers who guide new editors during these WikiFridays (online meetings cost more energy, we have noticed), the meetings were merged.

The first meeting was on April 24th. A total of 17 participants were present. We started with an introduction about Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons. After the introduction there was room to ask questions about editing Wikimedia projects. Although the internet connection was not always perfect, participants were enthusiastic about this initiative.


Because of the corona crisis, the physical WikiSaturday meeting could no longer take place. In order to offer the opportunity to work together, we organized an online WikiSaturday. The first WikiSaturday took place on April 11th. We started with an introduction of the ISA tool. There were two channels available. One to actively ask questions and one informal channel to collaborate and catch up. A total of 12 community members and 6 and 6 members of the organizing team (volunteers and staff) participated in this first WikiSaturday. An extra positive result of this online meeting: people who normally cannot connect due to long travel times, were now able to join.

New: Online Wiki hour
Participants from WikiSaturday indicated that they feel the need to see each other more often online, as long as the pandemic lasts. For example a moment just before the weekend where one has the opportunity to catch up and perhaps discuss some Wikis issues. We have therefore included a second meeting: The online Wiki hour. Once a month, on Thursdays, we meet in the online Wikimedia Netherlands office with those who need it. To evaluate our needs, two meetings were held in April, one on the 23rd of April and one on the 30th of April. The next online Wiki hour is scheduled May 14th.