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GLAMS and ContentEdit

Documentation of workflows for the ingestion of bibliographic data into WikidataEdit

Books published in Somaliland, Collection African Studies Centre Leiden

Thanks to the WikiCite e-scholarship programme I documented possible workflows for the ingestion of bibliographic data into Wikidata. The documentation is based on the workflow employed by the African Studies Centre Leiden. The ASC Library uses different workflows for ingesting bibliographic data into Wikidata depending on the material type. The library adds journal articles (from the Internet and the library catalogue) via Zotero and QuickStatements and books (from the library catalogue) via OpenRefine and QuickStatements. The documentation is accompanied by three video screencasts. The quality of the screencasts is not perfect but I hope that they are nevertheless useful for many future contributors to WikiCite.

Wikipedia & Africa: Why contributing to Wikipedia mattersEdit

On 3 and 4 December 2020, the ASC Library gave a short introduction into Wikipedia and its sister projects for the conference participants of the Africa Knows! Conference. The presenters emphasized the importance of Wikimedia projects for the dissemination of knowledge on Africa and the visibility of Africa research. Click here to see the video.