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History MonthEdit

October traditionally is the Month for National History in the Netherlands. The subject this year was "East to West", and because of the Dutch history with colonies in the Caribbean and Surinam to the west of the Netherlands, and Indonesia to the east this was an opportunity to develop activities on Wikimedia projects in the context of Month of National History.

With a writing week on the Dutch language Wikipedia we asked people to write articles on Wikipedia, but also to add data on Wikidata, and pictures on Commons. Over 100 articles were expanded or created in the past month, together with their data.

Images donated in the context of Month of History

Nationaal Museum voor Werelculturen
Within the context of Month of History, the Nationaal Museum voor Wereldculturen donated images of approximately 375 photographs and objects from Indonesia in the period 1940-1950, mainly objects and photographs related to the struggle for independence. A large number of photographs show important buildings: Monumen Nasional (Monas, the monument commemorating the struggle for independence) and Istana Negara (former Rijswijk Palace of the Governor General) at Medan Merdeka (Freedom Square, former King's Square) in Jakarta, and wreath laying near monuments (e.g. by Soekarno).

Celebrations of Independence Day have been captured by several photographers. Henk van Rinsum photographed a series of paintings for the Royal Tropical Institute in 1985 for the 40th anniversary of independence along the road to Medan Merdeka. There are also photographs of Istana Bogor - the former Palace in Buitenzorg and now one of the six presidential palaces.

Other photos show important events. At Hotel Majapahit (former Oranje Hotel) in Surabaya the flag incident took place in September 1948 - the hoisting of an Indonesian flag as a resistance against the Netherlands as a colonial ruler. In 1948, delegations discussed the future administrative structure during the Federal Conference for a Federal Indonesia. There are also photographs of Indonesia shortly after the Second World War. Besides the photographs there are a number of objects and drawings of the freedom fighters Diponegoro and Teuku Umar.

A collection of matchbox labels - in Indonesian or Dutch, or with Chinese or Japanese characters - reflects colonial rule, Japanese occupation and struggle for independence.

In addition, NMVW donated footage of three major cities: about 1,125 images of photography and objects from Jakarta, Yogyakarta and Bukittinggi. The photographic material of these three cities has been collected from the historical photo collection (from the beginning of photography until 1950) of the National Museum of World Cultures. This photography shows the period before the independence of Indonesia. Photographs from the period 1970-1990 have often been made by Henk van Rinsum, Jaap de Jonge, Boy Lawson, Janneke van Dijk and Paul Romijn. They worked at the photography department of KIT and made trips with the aim of photographing large parts of the world and thus creating an image archive, especially of the big cities.

Stadsarchief Delft
Stadsarchief Delft donated images that have relations with the Indische Instelling (Indian Institution) (1864-1901), an educational institution for future government officials in the Dutch East Indies. It concerns about twenty photographs, of the building, teachers, professors and students, partly from the archive of the Indische Instelling, which is kept in the Stadsarchief.

Dutch libraries and WikipediaEdit

Libraries and Wikimedia have a common goal: making knowledge available and sharing it with the public. Working together on Wikimedia projects such as Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons and Wikidata offers opportunities for libraries, librarians and their audiences. That's why OCLC, a global alliance of libraries, and Wikimedia Netherlands are working together to see how we can further support libraries in the Netherlands in this regard.

This video (in Dutch) was created as an introduction about the partnership for an online symposium of the OCLC in November.

Communication and publicityEdit

History MonthEdit

The month of October was devoted to the Month of History on Wikipedia. We kicked off on 3 October with an introductory workshop in which participants were introduced to the world behind Wikipedia. A Wikipedia page with tips and tricks has been set up especially for the participants and other interested parties. About hundred articles have been written in the context of the Month of History.


We sent out newsletter of October.