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report for March 2019

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Events on International Womens DayEdit

International Womens Day on the 8th of March was celebrated in cities throughout the Netherlands. There were Wikimedia-gatherings online and IRL in:

Amnesty International Wiki-a-thonsEdit

Scrum-wall at the Wiki-a-thon Utrecht

On the first of March we kicked of a series of Amnesty wiki-a-thons in Amsterdam, with the goal to have more articles on female human rights defenders on Wikipedia. The system of a wiki-a-thon is simple, preparations are key. Amnesty makes sure there are sources on the human rights defenders en prints them: names of the rights defenders go on post-its up on the wall. Wikimedia volunteers take care of the Wikidata-part. Participants choose post-it with a name they are interested in and collect the paper with sources from Amnesty and start writing. Wikimedia volunteers go around and help the participants with their first steps and collect their usernames. Afterwards, all articles are checked for the Wikipedia markup, categories and Wikidata connections.

We wrote about 40 articles in Dutch and English with 38 participants this first afternoon: the Amnesty wiki-a-thons are ongoing in April.

See also the new Learning Pattern.


Field study Dutch Libraries and WikimediaEdit

In recent years, there have been several collaborative projects between libraries and editors of Wikipedia, for example. Cooperation therefore seems obvious and is becoming increasingly common worldwide. Because libraries that share their collections through Wikipedia and related projects have a wider reach than through their own channels. Wikipedia articles are also written in the library during special Wiki meetings.

Six months ago, Wikimedia Nederland, with the support of the Pica Foundation, started a field study into the collaboration between Wikimedia and libraries in the Netherlands. The aim is to map common goals, to gain insight into (time) investment and to assess what a structural collaboration can yield.

Knowledge meeting

On 15 May Wikimedia Nederland will organise a knowledge meeting for library staff. The results of desk research and network analysis will be presented, as well as examples of collaborative projects. These data serve as a basis for a subsequent work session to go deeper into the possibilities of collaboration.

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We sent out our newsletter of March