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Community and ParticipationEdit

Cheat sheetsEdit

A Dutch and English version of a cheat sheet for the visual editor on Wikipedia were put online, and a call was put out for translations for these and other cheat sheets. The English version will be used on the help desk of Wikimania. There are currently (July 2018) 6 different cheat sheets available in Dutch, each detailing another aspect of editing Wikimedia platforms. There has been a good response to translate these in other languages as well. SVG versions of these cheat sheets have been made available on Commons so that others can create other versions as well. In response to Wikimania, Swahili and isiXhoso versions were created as well; which were used during training sessions.

Training WikipediaEdit

We have set dates for a 2-day Wikipedia editing workshop.

Women Tech StormEdit

National Library of the Netherlands has confirmed that they will host the TechStorm again. This summer we will start outreach participants WomenTechStorm part 1 and we will decide on goals of for the second TechStorm.


This year WMNL set the goal to send 2 people to Wikimania who have never been to Wikimania. In total 6 people went to Wikimania with a scholarship from WMNL. Of them 3 have never been to Wikimania. All reports for Wikimania 2018 in Capetown can be found here after september 30th 2018.




On July 2, students of the Haagse Hogeschool presented their results on 2 different small-scale studies on how the CBS could effectively contribute to Wikipedia and Wikidata. While more research is needed, preliminary results look promising and the CBS intends to continue this track.

Hands-on Pattypan trainingEdit

On 26 July, Erfgoed Gelderland's Wikimedian in Residence and Wikimedia Nederland co-organised a hands-on Pattypan training for staff of the Dutch Nationaal Museum voor Wereldculturen. Staff was asked to each bring a spreadsheet with metadata of a (small) collection that could be donated to Wikimedia Commons. During this and subsequent meetings, they are asked to work on the metadata and convert them to a format that can be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons. During this first of 3 (planned) meetings, staff was given a general introduction to Wikimedia Commons, a rundown of the pattypan workflow and were involved in a detailed look at their own metadata and what needs to be done. Three staff members of the NMvW participated. Further meetings are in preparation.