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report for April 2018

Community and ParticipationEdit

Women TechStormEdit

20 Participants have been selected from a total of 99 registrations. We have been able to select a divers group of women and non binary people, experts as well as newbies, Wikimedians and newcomers. It turnes out to be a international conference since we will welcome 12 nationalities in The Hague. The program commitee is now working on a program that will meet the expectations that the participants have filled out during registration. We will start this Women TechStorm with a social event to get to know each other on a nice and easy way.

WTC VakconferentieEdit

Wikimedia Nederland and several other volunteers presented at Wetenschapsconferentie 2018 at Wageningen University



Ki Hadjar DewantaraEdit

On april 23rd Wikimedia Indonesia visited WMNL to discuss the common project surrounding the archive of Ki Hadjar Dewantara.

Nationaal Museum van WereldculturenEdit

Nationaal Museum van Wereldculturen has uploaded 161 images from Women and Women related objects. They did this in the context of International Womens Day.

GLAM knowledge sessionEdit

We have invited Dutch GLAMS to a knowledge session about sharing collections for reuse via Wikimedia. We invited 3 speakers to share their experience and we have provided information that answered questions like: Where do we start? What about copyright? And how do you actually upload your collection to Wikimedia? 34 participants attended this session and the overall feedback was that 71,6% of the participants were inspired to to share (parts of) the collection of their institution via one or more Wikimedia projects.

Research on First-wave feminism on Dutch WikipediaEdit

We have received the first results on the research on quality and coverage of First-wave Feminism on Dutch Wikipedia. Our estimation is that final results will be available in June 2018.

Adlib UG Spring MeetingEdit

During the Dutch Adlib User Group Spring Meeting (26 April), WMNL presented the case that sharing collections through Wikimedia means sharing collections with the world. The audience consisted of GLAM professionals and (again) expressed an interest in some kind of "upload to Wikimedia" button inside Adlib. Around 100 people attended this meeting. Slideshow here.



A first (of three) Wikimedia workshop was held at the ISS on April 18. The workshop was intended to interest ISS staff, students, and PhDs for the Wikimedia movement and to tell them why it is important to contribute and/or support the movement, not only during their stay at the ISS but also afterwards during their professional careers. Presentation here.

Communication and publicityEdit


We sent out our newsletter of April


Organisation and governanceEdit