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report for March 2018

Community and ParticipationEdit

Gendergap Women TechStormEdit

Registration has openened for the Women TechStorm. The TechStorm started out as a Dutch event, but we noticed that we got registrations from all over the world. The Vrouwen TechStorm became Women TechStorm.

Gendergap - International Women's DayEdit

March 8 WMNL and The Swedish Embassy in The Hague teamed up for the International #Wikigap event. In the Hague, we have written 6 articles, 3 on Dutch Wikipedia and 3 in another language version. Online participants wrote 34 articles on Dutch Wikipedia. This is a great result, more then we expected considering the fact that we had 4 new editors at the IRL event in The Hague.

March 20 A radio show from Belgium contacted WMNL for an interview about #Wikigap/Wikimedia gendergap project. These 2 articles inspired them to make an item about the gendergap project. Sandra Rientjes was interviewed and the interview was broadcasted on March 20th.

The women you have never met -De vrouwen die je nooit hebt ontmoet!Edit

WMNL supports the Dutch edition of The Women you have never met which will run from March 4 - April 9.

Wikimedia Introduction WorkshopsEdit

We have started a series of workshops called Wikimedia Introduction Workshops. This is a new set of workshops, in which we first outline a broader picture of the possibilities to contribute to free knowledge within Wikimedia projects. Our expectation is that this will give participants a better understanding of the possibilities and the opportunity to decide on which aspect they would like to contribute, based on the provided info. Wikipedia? Wikidata? Wikimedia Commons?

VOGIN IP congresEdit

Maarten Dammers presented during the VOGIN-IP conference. The subject of his talk was Wikidata.



Astronomy writing weekEdit

From 25 February to 11 March 2018, WMNL together with NOVA (Dutch Research School for Astronomy) organised the Astroschrijfweek, a double writing week on astronomy on the Dutch Wikipedia. Under the #Astroschrijfweek hashtag, editors were invited to improve astronomy related content. NOVA kindly made available a number of small prizes, which were raffled among the participating editors. We had a cross-over with the Gender gap project, in that articles related to astronomy and the gender gap project were eligible for a special prize. In total, 185 articles were improved by 15 different editors.

Wikimedia and LibrariesEdit

On March 20 the annual Dutch library conference, organized by the Dutch Royal Library, was held. One staff member visited this conference and we have placed an advertorial in the special congres edition from bibliotheekblad.

Open Kerken BrabantEdit

We have announced the winner of the Open Kerken Brabant photo contest. The winning picture was made by Johan Bakker. Please find the jury report here. Board member Michel Wesseling represented Wikimedia at the price ceremony.

Nationaal Museum voor WereldculturenEdit

As a result of the Wikimedia and Caribbean Heritage study afternoon that took place in October 2017, the National Museum of World Cultures has donated 2216 images from their collection about the Caribbean. A part of the donation consists of images of objects, including musical instruments and archaeological material. The main focus of this donation lies in the photographic collection.


Radboud UMCEdit

In 2017, WMNL was alerted to some edits on ENWP that seemed to be made as part of a course assignment. WMNL contacted the teacher, who turned out to be at Radboud University Medical center, and had asked his students to contribute to chemistry-related ENWP articles. To better prepare the students for their work on ENWP, WMNL gave a presentation at the start of the class on the Wikimedia movement in general, where it stands for, why it's important and how you can contribute in a meaningful way. Some 65 students attended. Slideshow here.

Communication and publicityEdit


We sent out our newsletter of March.


Organisation and governanceEdit