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report for February 2018

Community and ParticipationEdit

Gendergap Women TechStormEdit

Venue and hotel are set. The Dutch Royal library will host the Women TechStorm. Logo has been created and the media Wiki page is online. Our biggest priority is to approach potential participants from outside the Wikimedia community. We focus on trainers and existing codegroups in the Netherlands. Registration has openened in the end of February.

Gendergap - International Women's DayEdit

The Wikigap event will take place in The Hague and we are busy with preparations for the event. Volunteers are creating redlink lists. We will also publish a banner on Dutch Wikipedia, the encourage the Dutch Community to participate in our activities.

Leeuwarden-Fryslân Cultural Capital 2018Edit

Leeuwarden (city in the Dutch Province Friesland) is European Capital of Culture in 2018. Many cultural activities take place during the year. WMNL wants celebrate this and we take the opportunity to organise an online and offline Wikipedia-event about Friesland and Leeuwarden. We have had our first brainstorm on these events and we have reached out to our community for help, ideas and suggestions.




The annual #1Lib1Ref campaign ran from 15 January to 3 february 2018. Compared to 2017, a number of changes were made: citation hunt became available for Dutch WP and was integrated into the 1Lib1Ref workflow. The project pages on Meta were simplified - no links to separate pages and everything you need right there on the landing page. Instructions were updated to allow participants to add citations in the visual editor. Focus was shifted slightly from librarians toward university students and staff. Results were still relatively low, but improving when compared to 2017: 20 different users made 36 revisions to 34 pages, although not all of these edits seem to have been constructive edits.

Emerging partnershipsEdit

  • CBS: a preliminary meeting to see if and how the CBS could contribute its datasets to Wikidata. Follow-up includes discussing with the Wikidata community whether their data are of interest, and whether scripting this kind of import on regular intervals is possible and/or preferable.



Utrecht University organised a #OSWikisprint on 23 February, to improve articles on Dutch Wikipedia related to open science in general. Several new articles were created and some others were expanded. Around 8 people attended, including staff from WMNL.

Communication and publicityEdit


We sent out our newsletter of February.


Organisation and governanceEdit