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Communication and publicityEdit

Manual how to organize a Wikipedia writing sessionEdit

To meet the many questions from new parties about how to organize Wikipedia writing meeting, we have started writing a manual. The idea is that with the help of the manual, organizations can quickly see what it takes to organize a session, and we give tips on how to write articles. Of course with links to the Wikipedia manual that WMNL published earlier this year. We have planned to publish this manual in the beginning of 2019.



Wikimedia and Atria collaboration continues in 2019Edit

Atria has been our partner for several years. In December, we have planned activities for 2019. In 2019 we will continue the monthly Wikivrijdagen, a meeting that is organized in cooperation with the gendergap working group. In addition, Atria will look at opportunities for content donations. Wikimedia will support whenever needed. We will join forces in communicating events, and where possible also set up joint actions.


The field survey is not progressing as smoothly as planned, partly because the appointed project leader had to return the order unexpectedly. We have decided to postpone this project with the financier and will work out a new action plan in January.