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report for January 2018

Community and ParticipationEdit



Public Domain Day: symposium and writing callEdit

1 January is Public Domain Day, which "celebrates" the creative works that have entered the public domain because their authors died 70 years ago. Wikimedia Nederland sponsored a small symposium on this matter, together with Kennisland, Koninklijke Bibliotheek, Creative Commons and Circular Content. The symposium was attended by ~60 people. Website with program here.

Together with the symposium, a call was launched on Dutch Wikipedia to write about the authors and their works. Page here. This writing week was somewhat experimental in its setup; due to other writing weeks in this period, and due to the short notice on which it was organised, only limited results are expected. Needs to be reviewed whether this is the right activity for Public domain day.

Wiki Loves MonumentsEdit

The Wiki Loves Monuments workgroup held an evalution about Wiki Loves Monuments 2017. These are (in short) the outcomes of the evaluation: The pilot 'Writing Challenge' was very succesfull, we consider to organise a new writing challenge in 2018. The pilot 'Dutch Carribean' was succesfull but we did experience problems in creating lists with monuments and Hurricane Maria caused extra challenges in communication and participation. Enough reason to at least consider a new WLM in 2018.


We were approached by the Swedish Embassy, they asked us to partner up in a event on International Women's day. This event will be one of the #Wikigap events that are coordinated by Wikimedia Sweden. We had a very constructive meeting in the Hague and we decided to organise a small event (10-15 people IRL) together with the Swedish Embassy. The volunteers of the Dutch Gendergap Workgroup will set up a projectpage on nl.wikipedia. We will focus on Dutch women, this is also the wish of the Swedish Embassy. What we expect from this event is mainly extra attention from the Dutch media for the Wikigap in general. The Embassy will use their network to invite participants from their network and we will invite members of the community.

We have planned to extend this event and continue it with an online challenge in March (2 weeks or maybe up until the end of March).

Gendergap Hackathon / Wikivrouwen Tech StormEdit

The workgroup contacted several partners of WMNL and several venues for the hackathon. We have sent out a 'Save the Date' notice via our newsletter and we have published the event on the website. We are preparing communication in order to reach out to the broader public ánd the community a.s.a.p. We have reached out to WMF for basic information and documents that we can use for this event. Next meeting of the workgroup will be on February 8.


Like previous years, WMNL set up the 1lib1ref campaign to motivatie librarians and scientists to contribute to Wikipedia by fact-checking an article and adding a relevant source to it. The campaign runs into February, so results will be available by then. Landing page here.

3000 images from Regionaal Archief NijmegenEdit

The Regionaal Archief Nijmegen, one of the participating institutions in the 2017 project A Wikimedian in Residence in Gelderland, donated some 3500 images to Wikimedia Commons. The upload was done with Pattypan, using the latest release that makes it possible to upload images from a web URL. The images document the history of the city of Nijmegen and span the last ~100 years. The collection can be accessed here.

Erfgoed GelderlandEdit

Final meeting for the 2017 Erfgoed Gelderland project to discuss results, suggestions for the 2018 project, lessons learned, etc. Much of this has been incorporated in the 2018 project. The kick-off meeting for the 2018 project was held 1 february.


Emerging partnershipsEdit

  • Saxion Hogeschool: a preliminary meeting to see if and how Wikimedia could be integrated into the archaeology curriculum. Results were positive; follow-up is expected in Spring 2019.
  • Universiteit Leiden / Campus The Hague: preliminary meeting on incorporating students' work on Wikipedia. The work has already been done; the students have signed off on it being published on Wikipedia. Follow-up includes finding out how this could be published on Wikipedia, and finding out if and how the community would support this.

Communication and publicityEdit


We sent out our newsletter of January.


Arnhemse Koerier Symposium Open-up!: Wikimedia en Erfgoed | Symposium Open-up!: Wikimedia and Heritage

Organisation and governanceEdit