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report for September-November 2017

Community and ParticipationEdit

Coding Da Vinci / Prepary Your DataEdit

Wikimedia Nederland participated in the two-day Coding Da Vinci hackaton "Prepare Your Data" (15-16 September 2017) of Wikimedia Germany by providing expertise on uploading with Pattypan. A presentation was given, and practical help with preparing the metadata as well. Presentation is here, a video with contributions by WMNL staff can be found here.

Open PerspectievenEdit

WMNL staff was present at the Open Perspectieven Netwerkmiddag, Nationaal Archief, Den Haag. This network workshop brings together all kinds of organizations that work with data. The main goal of this event was to create awareness about the importance of sharing data, how to implent this in your company policy and to make new connections within the exisiting network.

Wikimedia Conferentie NederlandEdit

In addition to organizing the Wikimedia Conferentie Nederland, staff gave presentations on uploading with Pattypan and the Wikimedia education program (here and here). 85 people attended the conference for inspiration, learning new skills and networking.

NOB NetwerkdagEdit

WMNL staff was present at the NOB (Netwerk Oorlogsbronnen) Netwerkdag, 16 November, Amsterdam. This mini-symposium brings together GLAMs and other partners working on WO II heritage.

Volunteer Support NetworkEdit

WMNL staff was present at the Support Network-meeting in Berlin in the weekend of November 10th.


Several volunteers and staffmembers followed a training on how to work with the Googledrive.


Online writing eventsEdit

An online writing event focusing on the Dutch province of Gelderland was held between 2-15 October (link here). 17 writers participated and 124 articles on Dutch Wikipedia were written or improved. Some goodies, kindly provided by Erfgoed Gelderland and the Bevrijdingsmuseum, were raffled among the participants. A number of offline writing events were scheduled as well, but most of these had to be canceled due to lack of interest.


Wikipedia in Public LibrariesEdit

The public library in Tilburg (Bibliotheek Midden-Brabant) started a Wiki-café: a monthly evening where interested people come together to contribute to Wikipedia and other Wikimedia platforms. The first café took place on Thursday November 2 with around a dozen interested people attending. Staff from WMNL was present to give an introduction into the Wikimedia-environment (presentation here).

The public library in Hengelo continued its Wikikring Twente ("wiki circle Twente") and has scheduled monthly meetings from October 2017 to June 2018. It also held an introductory meeting for a Wikikring Twente Gendergap, devoted specifically to address the gendergap on Wikipedia. Six people attended; staff from WMNL was present to give an introduction into the Wikimedia-environment (presentation here).

Erfgoedhuis Zuid-HollandEdit

The Erfgoedhuis Zuid-Holland, the provincial organisation devoted to supporting local GLAM-institutions, has donated its first images to Wikimedia Commons. Staff of the Erfgoedhuis is learning to use Pattypan, and more uploads are expected in December / January. WMNL provides technical support on upload / copyright issues where necessary. First images can be found here.


Exploratory talks were held with Naturalis on how cooperation with Wikimedia could be continued/renewed. They expressed an interest in a dual approach whereby Wikimedians can upload themselves using Glam2Commons, and where the institution can upload collections that they want to share, for example to go along with a new exhibit.


Zuiderzeemuseum and WMNL talked about how the museum can engage with the Wikimedia movement. Apart from the database registrar, the institutoin has 2 volunteers who are working on improving content on Wikipedia related to the collection of the museum. During this meeting (18 September), issues like the use of archives as a source for articles came up, as this is something that is not widely supported in the Wikipedia community.

Erfgoed GelderlandEdit

The WiR at Erfgoed Gelderland continued training the local GLAMs, resulting in small-scale uploads. As part of her series of "wiki-classes" (19 October), WMNL staff gave a training on how to engage the Wikimedia-movement, and to notify them from GLAM-uploads.



A Wikimedia-class started at the University of Amsterdam. Students were given an introduction into the Wikimedia environment on 14 November (presentation here) and are expected to write several Wikipedia articles on Dutch and/or English Wikipedia on topics within the area of "Conflict and Cooperation in Latin America". The course will run into 2018.


WMNL and ISS are looking into the possibility of organising a Wikimedia honours class for ISS students. This honours class would focus on giving the students knowledge of the movement, and broad skills on contributing. Many of the students have an international background and will be working for governments, NGOs etc. Knowledge of the Wikimedia / open data possibilites can help them in their work, and can further the mission of the movement as well.

Hogeschool van AmsterdamEdit

A small group of students from the Hogeschool van Amsterdam (HvA) will be researching the possibilities of a Wikimedia/open data minor. This is a preliminary study, most likely resulting in broad expectations and areas that would need further study. Wikimedia Nederland is involved in providing the students with in-depth knowledge of the Wikimedia-environment where necessary.

ITV Hogeschool voor Tolken en VertalenEdit

The translation project continues with new students. At the end of November, 5 students have completed an internship at Wikimedia, and 4 are currently involved in the program. The total number of translated articles stands at 99.


This autumn, the gendergap volunteers have reached a new milestone. On november 5th new lemma #600 was added. Besides these new lemma's there are results in Wikidata en Wikimedia Commons too.

We held our monthly events in Utrecht (Gendergap Wikizaterdag) and in Amsterdam (Gendergap Wikivrijdag) in the library of Atria, our partner in the gendergap project. Especially the events in Amsterdam are very succesfull and both parties have the intention to continue the Wikivrijdag events in 2018. The final decision will be made by the board of Atria.

On november 29th the #100wikiwomen challenge started. This is the second edition in the Netherlands. We expect this challenge to be as succesfull as last year.

Two volunteers from the gendergap project gave a talk about the gendergap project during WCN 2017.

Wiki Loves MonumentsEdit

In september Wiki Loves Monuments was held. This year we received 6.022 pictures for the Dutch competition, the pictures were made by 138 contestants. This was an increase compared to the previous edition in 2015. This might be the result of the fact that we have used payed Facebook advertisting ánd our special category 'Missing Monuments'. For this category WMNL had a special reward (€ 500,- worth), which was a great teaser for the contestants. Check out the winning pictures of the Dutch edition in the jury report.

Open Kerken BrabantEdit

Earlier this year we were contacted by Open Kerken Brabant, an organization that tries to prevent the demolition of churches in Brabant. They have an event Open Kerken Brabant on november 26th and asked us to participate in this event. They were inspired by Wiki Loves Monuments and we have set up a similair campaign especially for churches. Two Wiki Loves Monuments volunteers set up the technical settings and made instructions. This campaign was set up in a very short period of time and is a pilot. The organization of Open Kerken Brabant aims for a national event in 2018 and also sees potential to make this a European event. The final results of the campaign will be announced after december 18th.

Communication and publicityEdit


We sent out our newsletter of October

Respond blogpostEdit

Respond to blogpost in online History Magazine Waarom we ons erfgoed juist wel willen Wikipediseren | Why we want to 'wikiped' our heritage



NPO Radio1 10:47 am Radio interview Director Sandra Rientjes

Organisation and governanceEdit

General Assembly WMNL September 23

The General Assembly took place on September 23. The Annual plan for 2018 and the Strategic direction of the Wikimedia Movement were the main subjects that were discussed during the General Assembly.