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report for July-August 2017

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Upload Nederlands Instituut voor Militaire HistorieEdit

The Netherlands Institute of Military History has donated 1142 aerial images to Wikimedia Commons. The images were made in the period 1920-1940 by the Technische Dienst Luchtvaartafdeeling. The photos detail large areas of the Netherlands and are especially relevant in their historical context - many places have since changed significantly. The images can be accessed here.

Erfgoedhuis Zuid-HollandEdit

Erfgoedhuis Zuid-Holland is interested in exploring possibilities to use Wikimedia in a project focussing on heritage in the so-colled "water-triangle" of Dordrecht, the Bieschbos and Kinderdijjk. Wikimedia Nederland participated in a first meeting with EZ-H and the public library organisation for the area (wider Dordrecht area). This meeting was a direct result from the project with Erfgoed Gelderland. While that project served as an inspiration, it is clear that any project by EZ-H will have a different focus, and operational details will vary as well.


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Evaluation Netherlands and the World Exchange PlatformEdit

In July and August, a small evaluation was carried out of the Netherlands and the World Exhchange Platform. Mails were sent out to relevant mailing lists (e.g. GLAM, Commons, Cultural Partners, WM-l), and users who had expressed an interest in the project were approached on their talk pages. Also, a number of Wikimedians with relevant knowledge were approached directly by email. Results are expected in late August/early September.


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