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report for June 2017

Community and ParticipationEdit

Reader SurveyEdit

The survey among readers of the Dutch language Wikipedia ran from 22-29 June. The survey is carried out by the WMF, translation into Dutch was done by Arne Wossink (WMNL) and User:Effeietsanders. More details on this research here.



Erfgoed GelderlandEdit

The WiR at Erfgoed Gelderland (Gelderland Heritage) gave her 3rd class on Wikimedia, this time on finding and being found on Commons. Staff from various GLAMs were present. The class included theory and practice and was held at Museum Kam, Nijmegen.


ITV Hogeschool voor Tolken en VertalenEdit

One new intern in the translation programme started her internship this month. Talks to admit two more will happen in July.

Internship Utrecht UniversityEdit

The intern at the Special Collections Department of the Utrecht University library is expected to finish her internship this month. As part of that, she is now preparing an upload of ~100 images of manuscripts to Commons, using Wikidata. WMNL and Sandra Fauconnier, as WiR at UNESCO/MoW have lent their support.

Netherlands and the WorldEdit

Editathon Nationaal ArchiefEdit

On June 10, The National Archive opened its doors for an editathon on the VOC (Dutch East-India Company). Over 20 people attended. The editathon coincided with the National Archive's exhibition on the VOC. Special focus was on the VOC and women (see below under Gender Gap)

Writing week VOCEdit

Wikipedia ran an online writing week on the Dutch East India Company from 19-26 June. 25 new articles were created, and 14 improved (results can be seen here). Our colleagues from Wikimedia Indonesia are planning a similar writing week in August.

Presentation of Shared Cultural Heritage Exchange PlatformEdit

Sandra Rientjes presented the Netherlands and the World Shared Cultural Heritage Exchange Platform during a seminar at the Koninklijke Bibliotheek (National Library) highlighting the Digitaal Erfgoed Zichtbaar (Digital Heritage Visibility) programme.


We received a request from the Dutch Lesbian movement. They were inspired by our LGBT writing week in 2016 and are thinking about organising something similair at their conference in Austria. We are in contact with volunteers and with Wikimedia Austria to give them support and the information they need.

  • June 8: We were invited by Het Nieuwe Instituut to give a Wikipedia Workshop. Subject: Unforgetting Women Architects.
  • June 10: We teamed up with Nederland en de wereld, and we had a Gendergap Wiki Saturday in het Nationaal Archief. We wrote about VOC and VOC women.
  • June 14: Gendergap teammember Ecritures gave a talk at the NIAS workshop. The subject of this workshop was the presentation of a new database on women writers up to the 19th century. In het talk Ecritures made a bridge between this new database and Wikimedia projects.
  • June 23rd: A Wikipedia workhop about Fashion was cancelled, our partner Modemuze realised that June was not the right moment to organise a workshop for their community. Due to many other activities there were not enough participants for this event. We will set a new date after summer holidays,

The Gendergap team had a brainstorm about activities for the second half of 2017. New plans are being written. They started 2 new communication channels; a public Facebook group and a twitter account. Both have the same goal: to show new written articles to the public.

Wiki Loves MonumentsEdit

The WLM team is busy with preparations for the contest in september. Lists are being created. - to be continued!

Communication and publicityEdit

We sent out our newsletter of June/July.

Organisation and governanceEdit

Two WMNL staff members left the organisation as of June 30. Sindy Meijer has worked on communications and community support since October 2012. Astrid van den Hengel joined us as office manager in 2016. We thank them for all their work and wish them lots of success in their new positions! Recruitment for their replacements is in progress.