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Wikimedia Nederland report for February 2017

Community and ParticipationEdit

GLAM-Wiki workshop at UNESCO, ParisEdit

WMNL participated in the GLAM-Wiki coordinators meeting held at UNESCO, Paris, 16 to 18 February. This workshop focused on practical support for GLAM-Wiki cooperations. Failures and successes were shared, and developments in the wider Wikimedia movement were discussed. WMNL shared its knowledge on Pattypan (presentation here). The workshop also included a practical training in scripting for Wikidata - a very useful and necessary part to understand how and why Wikidata can be useful for GLAMs.

Workshop copyright and Wikimedia CommonsEdit

Wikimedia Netherlands develops workshops for volunteers, to share technical skills and knowledge with each other. The workshops are held at the Wikimedia office, but it is also possible to follow them online. In February, a workshop Wikimedia Commons and copyright was organised. 8 people attended the workshop live, 4 people attended on Google Hangout. After the Pattypan,photography workshops and Wikidata workshop, we are now developing a media training.


Erfgoed GelderlandEdit

WiR Michelle van Lanschot has been working on the first draft of the Wikimedia handbook for small GLAMs. The first uploads by the Flipje & Streekmuseum Tiel have also materialised.

Public librariesEdit

The public library in Hengelo held their monthly Wikikring Twente meeting on 9 February. This meeting was devoted to the 2nd part of a general Wikimedia-introduction. Public libraries in Tilburg, Egmond and Almere are busy organising activities for this spring, this included support from WMNL.


The On expedition class at Maastricht University started with a general introduction to Wikimedia, including editing Wikipedia. Wikimedia Nederland will use for the first time the Programs and Events Dashboard to monitor student activity during the course. Talks were held with Avans Hogeschool to present during their annual education day. The call for images for the Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht has been successful and it is expected that we can participate in their program in April. The students of the ITV-H continue to churn out translations for Dutch Wikipedia - the students now basically work without any support from WMNL.


Preparations for activities around International Womens Day are up and running this month. Landing pages are prepared, lists are being created. We focus on writing new articles, translation of articles and adding information to articles which are created in advance but still are missing important information. We have decided to launch a Facebook campaign to reach out to new editors ánd experienced editors. This is new for us and we are excited to learn from the results.

Volunteers and staff had a follow-up meeting with KNAW (The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences) and we have set a date for a Wikipedia edit-a-thon at KNAW in April.

We had our second GendergapWikiFriday at Atria and our 18th Gendergap WikiSaturday.

Netherlands and the worldEdit

Netherlands and the World Exchange PlatformEdit

The Netherlands and the World Exchange Platform has been finalised and is currently undergoing final changes. It is expected to go live in March. WMNL talked with the Nationaal Archief and Naturalis about their participation in this program, including future uploads and participation in a writing week on the Dutch East Indies Company.

Rare drawings of Brazilian animals by 17th-century Dutch painter Frans Post now on Wikimedia CommonsEdit

Drawing of a squid by Frans Post

Frans Post (1612-1680) was a Dutch painter from Haarlem belonging to the Dutch School. Between 1636-1644, he received a commission from John Maurice of Nassau, then governor of Brazil, to travel to Brazil and document its people, nature and landscape. During his time in Brazil, Post made drawings and sketches of animals, which he probably used as studies for his paintings. Thirty-four of these drawings were recently discovered in the Noord-Hollands Archief. The archive has graciously made the digitised drawings available for re-use on Wikimedia Commons.


The #1Lib1Ref action ran from 15 January to 3 February. On the Dutch Wikipedia, 22 edits were tagged with #1Lib1Ref, made by 6 different users on 16 different pages for a total of 2646 added bytes. This is slightly higher than the 2016 result, but still very low compared to international results. Suggestions for 2018 include (if the action is continued on Dutch WP, see community discussion on its desirability) setting up a landing page on Dutch WP itself (sending people to Meta and back to WPNL mmight not work well for people who are not accustomed to different Wikimedia platforms; this should be made as easy as possible), trying to reach out to a broader/different audience: researchers instead of librarians, and trying to find new partners in the education/open knowledge community.

Communication and publicityEdit


We sent out our newsletter of February

Organisation and governanceEdit

Sandra Rientjes, ED of Wikimedia Nederland, took part in several discussions about the design of the Movement Strategy consultation process.