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Wikimedia Nederland report for January 2017

Community and ParticipationEdit

New Years receptionEdit

New Years Reception at Museum Volkenkunde

The traditional New Years reception took place on January 21 at Museum Volkenkunde (Museum of Ethnography) in Leiden. Some 80 members of the Dutch community attended. During the reception, WikiOwls were awarded to editors, projects and groups for outstanding contributions to the Wikimedia projects. Also, prizes were awarded for the annual writing contest. Both the owls and the writing-contest are community-led initiatives supported by WMNL.


Public librariesEdit

Significant work has been done on the "activities menu", designed to give libraries (and GLAMs in general) the knowledge to organise Wikimedia-activities. For example, the nl:Wikipedia:GLAM/Edit-a-thon has been entirely rewritten to include a step by step guide to organising a writing event.


Grafisch Lyceum UtrechtEdit

The Wikimedia community had the opportunity to provide feedback on the proposed project to let students from the GLU (a college for graphic, web and gamedesigners) work on Wikimedia-related content. Pickup was generally good and a number of ideas were proposed. These will be presented to the GLU and it will be decided in February or March wether the project will proceed or not.

Maastricht UniversityEdit

On Monday 16 January Wikimedia Nederland met with the University of Maastricht to discuss their participation in the education program. Emphasis was on evaluation of past activities and planning of future activities. The Expedition class will continue in 2016-17. The university library and e-learning department were interested in exploring further options to let students interact with Wikimedia.

HAN / Erfgoed GelderlandEdit

Students Communication and Multimedia Design held a presentation at Erfgoed Gelderland (Arnhem). During this presentation they presented the results of the course Solutions for Interactive Media. As part of this course, the students have to build a working prototype of an app that presents digital content of GLAMs in Gelderland to the public. Wikimedia Nederland and Erfgoed Gelderland are interested in using next year's course to let the students work on (open) content generated by the WiR in Gelderland project. Wikimedia Nederland attended this meeting to get an idea of what's possible and to start further discussion.


The #1Lib1Ref action runs from 15 January to 3 February this year. The KB has shared the call to action within the library field of professionals while WMNL has shared it with their educational partners and publicized it through social media channels. As in 2016, there was discussion in the Dutch Wikipedia community about the plans, with some editors objecting to adding sources that may have not been used in writing the article.

ITV Hogeschool voor Tolken en VertalenEdit

The translation program, as part of which students translate articles from foreign language WPs into Dutch, is starting to pay off. As of 6 February, 30 articles in total have been translated, including long articles such as nl:Politiek in Italië.


The gendergap taskforce has finalised the annual plan for 2017. This plan will be presented to the WMNL board in February. Preparations have started for activities around International Women's Day. We plan to have online and IRL events, targeting on both experienced editors and newcomers. This year we are testing out Facebook campaigns for PR purposes ánd to reach out to new editors. The #100 wikiwomen project so far has generated 73 new articles on women.

Netherlands and the worldEdit

Afrika StudiecentrumEdit

On 25 January, Wikimedia Nederland and the Afrika Studiecentrum talked about the prospects for cooperation in 2017. The ASC is planning a number of donations and both parties expressed an interest in exploring opportunities for external funding, in particular to open private collections to Wikimedia.

Project NatureEdit

Image donated by Ecomare

Museum Ecomare donated 382 high quality images of marine wildlife. Many of those have already been added to Wikipedia articles.

The Hortus Leiden donated 75 special illustrations of flowering plants to Wikimedia Commons. The 75 illustrations where made by Abraham James Wendel in 1865. The illustrations were already to be found on the internet, but thanks to this donation, they are now also available in high resolution and for anyone to use. The donation is part of a wider cooperation witht the Dutch botanical gardens.

One of the prints donated by Leiden botanical garden

Sander Turnhout, wikipedian in Residence at (platform of Dutch conservation NGOs) organised a training session for conservation volunteers on contributing to Wikimedia Commons and Wikipedia. Bad weather prevented a number of registered participants attending - but those that were present enjoyed the afternoon.

Wiki Loves MonumentsEdit

The Wiki Loves Monuments team had a meeting in January, tasks were divided. The team thinks about emphasizing on filling up the gaps, i.e. obtaining pictures of monuments that are still missing. If we decide to do this, it will be a special category in the contest.

GLAM cooperationEdit

Wikipedian-in-Residence in GelderlandEdit

This project held a kick-off meeting on Thursday 19 January. Representatives from all participating institutions met with the new Wikimedian in Residence Michelle van Lanschot, who started on January 1st. Arne Wossink presented a short item on the Wikimedia-universe, Michelle van Lanschot presented the project and what she expects to do during this year. Presentation by Arne Wossink is here. During January and February, Michelle van Lanschot will take up her 1st residency at the Flipje en Streekmuseum Tiel.

Wikipedians in residence UNESCO NederlandEdit

WMNL is supporting the Dutch National Committee of UNESCO in developing a Wikipedian-in-residence programme. Focus will be on Dutch heritage in Memory of the World, the UNESCO programme to preserve documentary heritage. We also established a link between the Dutch committee and the Wikipedian in Residence currently working at the UNESCO headoffice in Paris.

Content donation Cultureel Woordenboek (cultural dictionary)Edit

The Stichting Cultureel Woordenboek (Cultural Dictionary Foundation) donated 971 lemmas from the dictionary to the Wikimedia movement. The Cultural Dictionary explains words and concepts which every educated Dutch person should know and understand. The lemma's donated related to terms that not yet have an article in the Dutch language Wikipedia. The donation was made to commemorate Mr Dolph Kohnstamm stepping down from the Board of the Foundation after many years. Mr Kohnstamm is an active Wikipedian and a friend of free knowledge.

Communication and publicityEdit


We sent out our newsletter of January

Governance and organisationEdit

Meeting of chapter EDsEdit

Sandra Rientjes attended a meeting of chapter Executive Directors in Lausanne. Main focus of the meeting was the WMF-strategy process


Saturday, January 28, a group of volunteers, board members and staff met to discuss possibilities for external (=non-Wikimedia movement) fundraising for Wikimedia Nederland. Main focus of the discussion was on the possibilities to generate funding from the corporate sector, without compromising independence and neutrality.