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Wikimedia Nederland report for October 2016

Community and ParticipationEdit

Public librariesEdit

WMNL and the KB jointly organised a meeting for public libraries on 6 October. Over 30 library professionals from 23 organisations (including some from Belgium) attended. During this meeting, the results of the 2016 pilot project were presented, as well as its development in 2017 (presentations here and here). Focus will shift from supporting individual libraries to providing as much information as possible on how they can engage with Wikimedia. This will be achieved through a so-called "menu": a list of Wikimedia-related activities that libraries can organise. These activities are ordered roughly in order of difficulty, i.e., the degree to which libraries need to know the Wikimedia environment or need to involve Wikipedia volunteers or WMNL. Examples include a "photo of the month" contest to enrich metadata, 1Lib1Ref, an article of the month section or a photohunt. The "menu" can be found here (in Dutch only).


ITV Hogeschool voor Tolken en VertalersEdit

The translation programme is now underway with 2 students who are translating German articles into Dutch. The first translated German article has recently been placed in the main space on Wikipedia (see here). A call for further students to participate has been hugely successful. Out of over a dozen applications, 3 have been selected to start translating for Wikipedia, one for French, Italian and Spanish each. Start-up talks will be held with each student in October and they are expected to start this month.

Universiteit LeidenEdit

WMNL and Universiteit Leiden (UL) talked about the Wikipedia-education programme. The past 2 years, Universiteit Leiden has used Wikipedia in their BA-programme German language and culture. As part of one of their courses, students had to write articles for the German Wikipedia on typically Dutch topics. The section now wants to develop manuals for teachers and students who participate in courses where they will be writing for Wikipedia. Writing these manuals is scheduled for the last quarter of 2017. WMNL will assist in the writing of these manuals. Other departments at UL have also expressed interest in using Wikipedia as part of a course.

Wikidata 4 yearsEdit

Saturday 29 October we are celebrate the anniversary of Widata, during our WikiZaterdag on the office. It is a perfect opportunity to learn more about the possibilities of Wikidata and talk to other editors.

Wikimedia Netherlands develops workshops for volunteers, to share technical skills and knowledge with each other. The workshops are held at the Wikimedia office, but it is also possible to follow them online. In October, a workshop Wikidata was organised. 6 people attended the workshop live, 4 people attended on Google Hangout. After the Pattypan and photography workshops and Wikidata workshop, we are now developing a Pattypan workshop for GLAM's.

Wikimedia Conferentie NederlandEdit

We have finalized the program for the annual Wikimedia Conferentie Nederland. Over 22 sessions(partly in English) are presented. 10 volunteers have signed up to help out with the organization of the conference.


Erfgoed GelderlandEdit

The application for the Wikipedian-in-Residence has been put out (see here, Dutch only). Deadline is 21 October and the first round of talks with applicants is on October 31. The WiR will likely start on 1 January 2017.

Erfgoed Leiden en OmstrekenEdit

The first images from Erfgoed Leiden en Omstreken have been uploaded (see here). These images are the first of a larger batch of digitized glass negatives by Dutch photographer Jan Goedeljee. User:Erik Zachte has used a custom Perl-script to transform the metadata to a format that can be read by Pattypan. He is currently working on some issues that still exist (adding geotags to the photos); it is expected that this will be fixed in the near future. If successful, the script can be used with minor tweaks for other collections held by ELO as well.

47 grasshoppers-and cricket soundsEdit

Thanks to the Wikipedian In Residence at SoortenNL,could add project nature 47 grasshoppers-and cricket sounds to Wikimedia Commons. The sounds are from the book and the cd ' field guide ' grasshoppers and crickets by Roy Kafkaridou and René cicadas. At the same day all the sounds were used by articles.

Communication and publicityEdit

Video series: Wikipedia edit? Just do it!Edit

Thanks to project group Nature we present a new series of videos: Wikipedia edit? Just do it! In this video, how to upload a photo to Wikimedia Commons.


We sent out our newsletter of October.