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Wikimedia Nederland report for June & July 2016

Community and ParticipationEdit

15 years NL WikipediaEdit

Sunday 19 June we celebrated 15 year Dutch Wikipedia. In 15 years time, more than 1.8 million articles were created by 30.000 people. We celebrated the birthday on Saturday 18 june with 55 Wikipedians at the Openluchtmuseum in Arnhem. We started with coffee and tea and of course a stroopwafel. After that I was time for a guided tour. Four enthusiastic guides told us more about the park. When we came back there was a buffet and BBQ ready for us

Finalisation first pilot online communicationEdit

Wikimedia Nederland has made community health a priority and we are experimenting with ways to support the NL-Wikipediacommunity in maintaining a pleasant and open working atmosphere. In APril, 12 Wikipedians attended a seminar organised by E0Coach pro, a firm specialising in online coaching techniques. Purpose of the seminar was to provide the participants with skills to read between the lines: identifying what someone is really trying to express in an email or online message, and consciously determine the most appropriate response. Following the seminar, the participants had the chance to try out thede new skills on a rather difficult 'new editor' (in actual fact one of the experts of E-coach pro). They shared and evaluated their experience during a final session in June.

The participants were positive about the process and what it brought them. WMNL and E-coachpro are now working on developing an e-learning version of the training. We are also exploring how we can scale this, so that more Wikipedians can benefit from the online exercise sessions.


Five volunteers apllied for an received a scholarship to attend Wikimania 2016 in Esino Lario. Three staff members and board chairman Frans Grijzenhout were also present.


Launch Verzetskranten (Resitance newspapers)Edit

The main goal of the project is describing and linking all 1300 Dutch resistance newspapers published during World War II t Koninklijke Bibliotheek, NIOD Instituut voor Oorlogs-, Holocaust- en Genocidestudies and the Wikipedia community work together to reach this goal. The 1300 resistance newspapers were published in a book from 1954, the standard work on Dutch resistance newspapers. The text of this book by Lydia Winkel has been donated in the public domain by NIOD. The data from this book were combined with Delpher, a project from the Koninklijke Bibliotheek that gives the possibility to search 1.3 digitized million newspapers. This has resulted in a worklist with short stubs for each resistance newspaper. Wikipedians writing in Dutch have been asked to improve, complement and enlarge the articles. Also to link each newspaper to members of the resistance, printing offices and publishers that were involved with making the resistance newspapers.

Project Nature: WikiSource- sessionEdit

Project Nature has scheduled monthly meetings. Every meeting has a theme and the second theme was Wikisource. Two very active members of the project nature group worked hard to get the book Plants Treasurer on Wikisource. On June 11 they, gave a presentation how to work on Wikisource en explain what you can do with Wikisource. There where 8 participants.

Appointment new WiREdit

Wikimedia Nederland cooperated successfullywith the federation of NGO's in the Netherlands involved in gathering data about wildlife, to obtain funding for a Wikipedian in Residence. Last month, Sander Turnhout was appointed to the position. He has extensive information in nature-data and will work to improve content in all the Wikimedia projects.

Double writing week on cultural heritage and EU-presidency conferenceEdit

After successful writing events about different countries,the NL-Wikipedia community organised a double writing week with as theme 'cultural heritage'. This coincidec with the Conference Digitalisation Cultural Heritage, organised by the Netherlands'Ministry of Education, Culture and Science in the framewokr of the Dutch EU-presidency. Minister Jet Bussemaker opened the writing event by posting an article about one of her favourite paintings.

Image donation by the Museum CatharijneconventEdit

Museum Catharijneconvent, the museum of religious art, has donated 573 high-res images of textiles from their collection. The collection can be viewed here. There is a lack of content concerning textiles on COmmons, and this donation was very welcome. The present image donation has also served as an important test-case for the new batch-upload tool Pattypan. This tool was built to allow batch-uploads of offline images with metadata supplied through a spreadsheet and was specifically designed to be simpler in use than the GWT. The MCC image donation revealed an important error in the upload tool, and the developer was able to address it promptly. As a result of this upload, it is expected that Pattypan will also play an important role in future uploads by Dutch GLAMs and WiRs.

"Wikipedia-plugin" for AdlibEdit

During talks with our GLAM partners, it was suggested that it might be useful for museums that work with the popular CMS Adlib to have a plugin that allows immediate export of metadata to a format that is supported by Wikimedia platforms, or even to immediately upload media files to Commons or other platforms. WMNL has contacted Adlib's publisher Axiell and they have shown interest in investigating that possibility. A talk was held in July, Adlib agreed to look into the costs of developing such a plugin.

Wikipedia and Public LibrariesEdit

On 1 June, an evaluation meeting was held with the public libraries that participated in the photohunt pilot activity that was held at each library in April-May. All libraries were positive about the experience and are considering organising further activities focussed on the Wikimedia -projects. They have been asked submit proposals to that effect before 1 July. Due to the outreach activities by the Koninklijke Bibliotheek (who have also asked the participating pilot activities to speak on conferences to their peers; a strategy that seems to work well), other libraries have expressed an interest as well. Talks with the public library in Hengelo started this month.

Erfgoed GelderlandEdit

Preparations for a Wikipedian in Residence at Erfgoed Gelderland continue. A meeting was held at Erfgoed Gelderland on 14 June to discuss the next steps in case the projects gets financed. If the application is successful, we are planning to move ahead as soon as possible so that the project can start in September. If successful, the WiR will be positioned at Erfgoed Gelderland. The list of participating institutions is now finalised and consists of Erfgoedcentrum Achterhoek en Liemers, Erfgoedcentrum Arnhem, Nationaal Bevrijdingsmuseum 1944-1945, Gelders Archeologisch Centrum/Museum Het Valkhof, Regionaal Archief Nijmegen, Gemeentearchief Ede and the Flipje en Streekmuseum Tiel. The individual residencies are also currently being scheduled.


June 4: Edit-a-thon in TextielMuseum TilburgEdit

Nine participants gathered in Textielmuseum Tilburg and followed a workshop about how to edit Wikipedia. The museum offers an insight in books with examples of fabrics, weaving and embroidery. In the week after the workshop the first articles appeared online. Mousseline is described, batikken is updated and G. T. van Ysselsteyn got her own English-language article. In October we offer a second workshop on textile.


Our partner Atria asked our help with the organisation of a double, international themeweek on LGBT in July, during Europride in Amsterdam. We set up a team of volunteers who will help with creating a projectpage on Wikipedia. We also offer our help with reaching out to interested volunteers.


On June 26 we have reached a new milestone, the 500st article was written. We have set a new goal (750 articles) and are thinking of a attractive way to encourage editors to keep on writing new articles.

Communication and publicityEdit

Media coverage 15 years NL WikipediaEdit

The Dutch Wikipedia's 15th birthday got a lot of attention in Dutch media. Several Wikipedians were interviewed by radio or tv.


We sent out our newsletter of June & July