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Community and ParticipationEdit

GLAM volunteers' dinnerEdit

The Wikimedia Nederland volunteers who are active in GLAM - cooperation came together for a working dinner on May 20. Between courses, there were two minute slots to present projects and results. This was the first time the GLAM volunteers came together - everyone enjoyed the evening and the foundations for new activities and projects were put down.

Pattypan workshopEdit

On 26 May, Arne Wossink gave a workshop on the new batch-upload tool Pattypan at the WMNL office. The workshop consisted of a walk-through of the tool workflow, discussion of pros, cons and known bugs (which have since been addressed), and some participants uploaded some images during the evening. The workshop was attended by 4 editors, and 2 editors joined the live stream in Google Hangout. The powerpoint is available on Commons; the live stream can be viewed here.



We were invited to do a talk for boardmembers and members of the Green Party's womens' etwork Femnet to talk about women and Wikipedia, and the gender gap.. The feedback we got was very promising. Boardmembers will communicate their participation in Wikipedia gendergap events that are coming up, and they expect that their members will follow. Femnet is going to find out if members are motivated to learn to edit Wikipedia. If so, we will offer them a three-day course. Femnet will share our Gendergap communication with their network. Besides that, they are really motivated to update Groenlinks pages in other Wikipedia language versions, because we have showed them that they are not up to date.

We have added articles on the subject First-wave feminism on the gendergap articles wishlist.

On May 30, we have reached new article number 450 on our result list! These are articles that were created since the start of the project (January 2015) and were manually added to this list by the editor. This sharing of results seems to be very motivating for the editors and we try to thank every editor that adds a new article.

On May 31, we have welcomed our 60st member to our (closed) Facebook group!

Project natureEdit

Content donation Afrika StudiecentrumEdit

The African Studies Center, Leiden University, donated 756 images made by Roel Coutinho, a Dutch MD working in Guinea-Bissau and Senegal between 1973 and 1974. The images show aspects of daily life such as food preparation, festivities and school and hospital buildings, among other things. The metadata (including Portuguese captions) were prepared by Michele Portatadino, the upload was done by Hans Muller using the GWToolset. WMNL helped make this donation gain more attention by spreading the word on mailing lists and relevant talk pages of Wikipedia-projects.

Wikipedia and Public LibrariesEdit

As part of the project Wikipedia and Public Libraries, a fifth photohunt was held at the OBA Cinétol (Amsterdam) on 7 May. The day started with a short introduction in Wikipedia and photography, followed by the actual photohunt where participants were asked to take photos of local heritage monuments. Participation was good, as was the upload rate to Commons. At Cinétol, 8 people were present and 84 images were uploaded.

Erfgoed GelderlandEdit

Preparations for a Wikipedian in Residence at Erfgoed Gelderland continue. At the moment a small percentage of the target amount has been secured and we are expecting the decision of potential further donors in June/July. A meeting was held at Erfgoed Gelderland on 12 May to discuss the next steps in case the projects gets financed. If the application is successful, we are planning to move ahead as soon as possible so that the project can start in September.


In May, talks were held with Utrecht University about the continuation of their "Public history" minor, and a preliminary schedule was set up. The minor will be given in the first semester of the 2016-17 year. It will focus on a number of important female scientists of University Utrecht. Also, preliminary talks were held with the Faculty of Law of Tilburg University about a possible cooperation involving quality check or expansion of articles on Wikipedia related to Dutch law.

Communication and publicityEdit


We sent out our newsletter of May.

Governance and organizationEdit


Boardmember Ad Huikeshoven resigned from the Board after more than four years of service.

Other relevant events in the NL- Wikimedia community, not organised by WMNLEdit