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Community and ParticipationEdit

Work has started on the development of a training programme to provide moderators, arbcom-members and other Wikipedians with advanced skills in facilitating online communication and preventing or resolving conflicts. The training session is planned for April 2.



The education project aims to organise activities with at least 4 higher education institutions. The University of Maastricht will start their On Expedition class in mid-March, during which students will have to work on Wikipedia articles related to the topic of the class. This is actually the third year in a row that the university is organising this class, and the staff is very enthusiastic. The cooperation with the ITV Hogeschool voor Tolken en Vertalers will enter its second year. The pilot activities of 2015 were evaluated and it was decided to continue on a larger scale - in 2015 the school selected 2 students to work on Wikipedia-related projects but for 2016 there will be a general call for students to translate articles for the Dutch Wikipedia. This call is expected to go live in late March-early April. The community was also asked about this project and in general editors were very positive and willing to work with a translator on a new article. The activities with the Universiteit Utrecht were evaluated; despite some changes in involved staff, it is very likely that the class in public history will continue in 2016/2017.

GLAM-Wiki coordinators meetingEdit

WMNL held a meeting for GLAM-Wiki coordinators on 23 February to discuss common issues, keep each other posted on developments and make an inventory of how WMNL can help coordinators and how the community can be involved. During this meeting, coordinators representing 6 institutions were present. The next meeting is scheduled for late May 2016.


The Gender Gap working group passed an important milestone: the 150th article was added to NLWP. Preparations started for the activities on 5 & 6 March around International Womens Day. We created a long list with red linked articles related to women and womens' issues. We met with Atria (Dutch Archive on Womenhistory) and discussed several activities for 2016, where Atria and Wikimedia will work together. We provided Atria with some new ideas and these plans are now presented to the Atria board.

Project natureEdit

The volunteers involved in project nature are starting work on processing a content donation by Floron (plants Foundation). Some of the information was released under a Creative Commons licence.The information will be used to Wikipedia pages and missing types. Project natuur has scheduled monthly meetings. We ask participants to participate in this monthly meetings. Every meeting has a theme and the first theme is plants.

Erfgoed Gelderland (Heritage Gelderland)Edit

The proposal for a Wikipedian-in-Residence at Erfgoed Gelderland, who would focus on smaller GLAMs, has been submitted for (partial) funding to the GO-fonds. Several new GLAMs in the region have expressed interest in joining the project; a further meeting with these GLAMs is scheduled for late March to decide on participating partners.

Content donationsEdit

We are processing content donations by Catharijne Convent and the Museum of World Cultures.

Communication and publicityEdit


We sent out our newsletter of February 2016.

Governance and organizationEdit

Prepararations are under way for the development of the next three year Strategy for WMNL, covering the period 2017 - 2019. The WMNL Board has developed a framework and organised a first brainstorming session for the community.

We are working with WMF to prepare to annual fundraiser on NLWikipedia.

Other relevant events in the NL- Wikimedia community, not organised by WMNLEdit

WikiWerkers (the Dutch MediaWiki user group), in cooperation with Wikimedia Netherlands, organizes on Saturday 2 april 2016 a brainstorming session in Utrecht. People with ideas or questions are welcome.