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--Report on Wikimedia Nederland’s activities in November-December 2015


Community and ParticipationEdit

Wikimedia Conferentie NederlandEdit

The annual Wikimedia Conference took place on Saturday, november 28 in Utrecht. The program was divided in four different tracks: Collaborations, Wikimedia world, Wikipedia and friends and a Wiki help desk. Keynote speaker was Marietje Schaake from the European Parliament, subject of her talk was 'copyright and Europe'. With 140 visitors, we consider it a successful conference.

New years meetingEdit

We have sent out a invitation to our members, volunteers, donors and relationships for our New Years meeting on 16 January. The host of this year is Museum Catharijneconvent. The museum has an extensive collection of historical and art-historical objects from the early Middle Ages to the present.

Outreach to GLAM-partnersEdit

The WP:GLAM landing page on the Dutch WP has received a significant overhaul to reflect the increasing demand for concise information on what it means for GLAM institutions to work with Wikimedia. The Dutch brochure on GLAM-partnerships has been available for some time now, but so far there wasn't a page on Dutch Wikipedia where this information could also be read.

WMNL was present on two Dutch conferences for information specialists and librarians, and GLAM-specialists, respectively. The decision to participate in these conferences was based on the idea that these were good platforms to reach a large number of potential cooperation partners at once, and on the fact that Wikipedia is widely known, but Wikimedia as an organization is not. The KNVI congres was held in Nieuwegein on 12 November; WMNL was present with a stand. The conference DISH was held in Rotterdam on 7-8 December. For this conference, WMNL made a poster outlining the possibilities and benefits for GLAM-institutions in working together with WMNL. This poster is available on Commons.

Wikipedia LibraryEdit

WMNL has been in continuous talks over these 2 months about a Dutch branch of the Wikipedia Library. We reached out to the community to see whether TWL is something that the community would like to have, but results from this discussion were inconclusive. For the moment, it was decided that WMNL will not be involved in further development of the Dutch TWL unless there is further involvement of the community, or request for support.


Gendergap projectEdit

On November 7th and December 19th we held our monthly gendergap meeting on WikiSaturday. In November, we had five interested participants, we talked about creating lists with requested articles about Gendergap. One of the attendees is a board member of a women network and is going to discuss with its directors if there would be interest to offer a 3 day Wikipedia course for their community in 2016. Another attendee of these WikiSaturdays is going to explore possibilities to share data from their database with Wikidata or Wikipedia.

Project NatureEdit

In November, 1.024 drawings of birds were added to Wikimedia Commons. The drawings are created by Jos Zwarts. His work was featured in many magazines and books including: Atlas Dutch breeding birds.

Wiki Loves Monuments awards ceremonyEdit

The award ceremony took place during the Wikimedia Conferentie Nederland. Participant Uberprutser won the first prize in the category quality with his picture of the Belvédère tower in oranjewoud. There were 4 different categories this year: Dudok monuments (a monument designed by the famous Dutch architect Willem Dudok), ornaments, quality and quantity.

National Liberation Museum 1944-1945Edit

In the period November-December, the National Liberation Museum uploaded some 300 images to Commons as part of their partnership with WMNL. These images are valuable because images of every-day objects from this period seem to be relatively under-represented on Commons. It is expected that more images will be donated over the course of 2016.

Emerging partnershipsEdit

The cooperation with Erfgoed Gelderland (EG) has reached a new stage. The external funding proposal for a 1-year 0.5 FTE Wikipedian-in-Residence has been completed and the proposal was accepted by the board of EG. The proposal was presented to the member organisations of EG on 20 November. Participating organisations will be selected in January (organisations that have already tentatively agreed include the National Liberation Museum and the Nijmegen Archive). The proposal will be sent out to funding bodies in Q1 of 2016.

Planning of the Wikipedia in de Openbare Bibliotheek project has continued over November-December. The list of participating public libraries has been narrowed down and each library submitted project plans for the start-up events, to be held in Q1 of 2016.

WMNL was contacted about a potential project on Student life in Utrecht from 1945 onwards. This project is a partnership of the Utrecht university library, the Utrecht archive and the university museum and includes making available relevant source material. WMNL has expressed an interest in this project but is in this stage not yet involved in planning. WMNL will be contacted again in Q2 of 2016.

Communication and publicityEdit


We sent out our newsletter of november and december 2015.

Governance and organizationEdit