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Report on Wikimedia Nederland’s activities in July-August 2015

Community and ParticipationEdit

Wikimedia Conferentie Nederland 2015Edit

In august we have announced our keynote speaker for the the 8th annual Wikimedia Nederland Conference in November: Marietje Schaake (member European Parliament). Marietje Schaake will give a talk about Europe and copyright. We have received at least 15 proposals for a presentation for the conference. The conference organization started recruiting new volunteers; two new volunteers will join our team and help us out on November 28th. Their goal is to meet the community and get inspired on how to contribute within Wikimedia projects. anyone can edit this page, info from a non-9/30/21

Survey among editors and users of NL WikipediaEdit

In June, two surveys were carried out at the request of Wikimedia Nederland: one among editors of the Dutch language Wikipedia, and one among the general public (the users of Wikipedia). The results of these surveys became available in July. We shared the results with the Dutch and international communities and started a discussion on how to use the insights in our community support and communication programmes. We are also reaching out to moderators and members of ArbCom to ask for their ideas and advice.


Wiki Loves MonumentsEdit

Wikimedia Nederland will organizes Wiki Loves Monuments for the 5th time this year. New in 2015 are the special categories ‘ornaments’ and ‘Dudok monuments’, monuments designed by the famous Dutch architect and urban designer, Willem Dudok (1884-1974). In cooperation with Museum Hilversum and the Dudok Architectuur Center, Wikimedia Nederland will organize a photo workshop ‘Wiki Takes Dudok’ on Saturday September 19 in Hilversum. Under the guidance of professional photographer Hans Peter Föllmi participants will photograph Hilversum’s City Hall, designed Willem Dudok.

Gendergap projectEdit

The Gendergap taskforce has scheduled monthly meetings. We ask participants to participate in this monthly meetings. Our aim is to create a friendly space in the real world, where all interested people can join and ask questions about editing Wikipedia. Every meeting has a theme (i.e. female artists), but we encourage people to join anyway, also if they have a completely different subject that they want to write about.

WikiPortret: making it easier to upload portrait images for Wikipedia articlesEdit

WMNL volunteers upgraded and improved the WikiPortret wizard, which makes it even more easy to upload a portrait photographs to illustrate biographies on Wikipedia. In the second half of 2015 we will share this tool with the the wider community, also providing a translation. The tool has been available since 2008 - since then already 2566 images have been uploaded. Of these, 86% are in use. This year, sofar 165 portraits have been added. We are also seeing that professional quality images are uploaded via WikiPortret by p.r.firms and record companies who want to have good portraits of their clients on Wikipedia.

National Library (Koninklijke Bibliotheek) donates 3100 imagesEdit

Our partner the Koninklijke Bibliotheek donated 3100 images from three atlassen dating from the period 1690-1750. · Categorie:Atlas Schoemaker (2579 images) · Categorie:Atlas_van_der_Hagen (446 images) · Categorie:Atlas_Beudeker (133 images) Koninklijke Bibliotheek is going to promote the use of these images to expand and improve Wikipedia-articles. [[1]]

Wikipedia writing course: write about nature on WikipediaEdit

Wikimedia Netherlands is organizing together with IVN (a volunteer nature organization) a Wikipedia-writing course about nature and nature conservation pioneer Jac. P. Thijsse. The course starts in October, participants will learn in 2 days the basics of editing Wikipedia.

Images from the National Liberation Museum 1944-1945Edit

The National Liberation Museum 1944-1945 in Groesbeek is dedicated to the history of the liberation of the Netherlands at the end of the Second World War. Their collection includes over 56,000 objects and sources which document not only the liberating and occupying armies, but also all aspects of daily life in the Netherlands. The collection mainly covers the period 1944-1945, but also the preceding inter-war period and the period of reconstruction following WW2. To increase the visibility of this collection, the museum has started a small project to make high-quality photos of objects in their collection, and upload them to Commons. Preparations for this project were made in July and August, and the first uploads are scheduled for late September/early October.

Communication and publicityEdit


We sent out our newsletter of july/august

Governance and organizationEdit

  • We were sad to see GLAM-coordinator Sandra Fauconnier leave WMNL to start out as a free-lancer. We are very glad that she is going to remain active as a volunteer.
  • we published our progress report for the first six months of the year.