Wikimedia chapters/Reports/Wikimedia Nederland/201302

This is the chapter report for Wikimedia Nederland for February 2013.

Technical projectsEdit

  • The closing conference of the EU-funded CoSyne project in which WMNL was a partner took place in Amsterdam on February 1. WMNL Board Member Frans Grijzenhout presented the results of the testing carried out by WMNL volunteers. CoSyne produced a tool for the synchronisation and translation of wiki-pages.
  • A team of enthusiastic volunteers and staff are making good progress in preparing for the International Hackathon 2013, which will take place in Amsterdam, May 23 - 26. For the first time, participants will be able to stay overnight at the venue where they will be working during the day.

Content projectsEdit

  • Further steps were made towards integrating the Dictionary of Hebrew and Jiddish words in use in the Dutch language into Wiktionary. This dictionary was compiled by the Foundation Sofeer, who want to make their work permanently available to a larger audience.
War monument Arnhem
  • On February 15. Wikimedia volunteers went on a photo-excursion to the city of Arnhem to gather images of war-monuments. This is part of a wider discussion between WMNL and the Netherlands National Committee 4 and 5 May (responsible for official commemoration of World War II) about cooperation.
  • WMNL staff and board members are working with the international coordination group of Wiki Loves Monuments to ensure funding for activities in 2013.

Board and StaffEdit

  • Sebastiaan ter Burg started work as GLAM project-coordinator on February 15
  • Via the WMNL newsletter and other media a call went out for candidate Board Members.


  • a new issue of the WMNL Newsletter was published
  • Work is in progress on redesigning the WMNL website
  • Research bureau Motivaction carried out surveys among WMNL members and Dutch Wikipedia editors to assess to what extent they are aware of the work done by WMNL, their expectations/ideas concerning future activities, and their motivation to contribute to Wikimedia projects. At the same time a survey was done among a general public focusgroup to assess whether they know and use Wikipedia, their potential willingness to contribute and their insight into the way Wikipedia is maintained and funded. Results will be available mid March.

Other meetingsEdit

  • WMNL Director Sandra Rientjes and GLAM coordinator Sebastiaan ter Burg met with staff of the European Centre for Nature Conservation (Tilburg, the Netherlands) to discuss how they could contribute images concerning biodiversity and protected areas to Wikimedia Commons and how they could encourage their constituency to become active as Wikipedia editors.
  • Board Member Sandra Fauconnier and director Sandra Rientjes had a meeting with the Director of the Netherlands National Archives to discuss the possibility of a Wikipedian in Residence, and other forms of cooperation.


  • The Algemene Ledenvergadering (General Assembly) of WMNL will take place on Saturday, March 23. On the agenda will be the annual report and accounts 2012, as well as the election of Board Members
  • Workshops on including recorded sound in Wikimedia Commons and Wikipedia - March 30 & April 20
  • European Fashion Editathon. May 13.