Wikimedia chapters/Reports/Wikimedia Nederland/201112

This is the chapter report for Wikimedia Nederland for December 2011.

Cultural heritage

The Tropical Museum has put out a call for volunteers and will also be interested in appointing a Wikipedian in Residence. This will be the first such position in the Netherlands.

Conferences etc.

A barcamp is selforganizing at the day

GLAMcamp Amsterdam (GLAmsterdam for short) was held December 2-4 and hosted several presentations on Friday to a mixed public of Wikipedians and representatives from various cultural institutions. Europeana presented the GLAM statistics project which should make it easier for outside parties to track usage of Wikimedia Commons donations. The Amsterdam Stedelijk museum presented their efforst to keep a dialog alive with the public even though the museum has been under renovation for several years. One of the most interesting challenges for a modern art collection is the copyright status of photographic images of works of art. Even though the Museum is the owner of the works, they cannot publish photographs of the works without the permission of the artists. They have done pioneering work in engaging artists and their heirs to grant such permissions. The Tropical Museum gave a repeat performance of the presentation that Frank Meijer gave at the WCN in November.

One of the presentations given was on the results of the Wiki Loves Monuments contest, and included an announcement to go ahead with a world-wide WLM photo contest in September 2012.

The WLM organizers had held a small evaluation on December 1st, the day before the GLAMcamp began. Though not all of the conclusions have been drawn up, there are two main areas of concern; for a larger number of countries there will need to be a better task management system in place and better documentation such as clearer instructions (in more languages) for uploaders, organizers, and "Wiki Takes" volunteers. Not to mention coordinating partnerships with cultural heritage organizations.

Press and outreach

Annual report 2010 printed.

Discussions on a new Wikipedia flyer began.


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