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This is the chapters report from Wikimedia Nederland for September 2010.

Wiki Loves Monuments

September was Monument Month for Wikimedia Nederland, with Wiki Loves Monuments as main activity. The photo-contest around rijksmonumenten (Dutch national monuments) yielded more than 12.000 images from over 200 participants from all over the country. You can find more information about the general outlines of the project in this blog post. The biggest win in this project is perhaps not even so much the images themselves but the awareness that has been created with the contestants and the lesson that an extremely simplified upload form on Wikimedia Commons helps a lot to lower the threshold for uploading. The jury is now going through all these images and will announce the winners by November 20.

For more information, please take a look at (in Dutch)

Wiki takes Haarlem

Haarlem is a province capital near Amsterdam, and a major city when it comes to numbers of rijksmonumenten. The city has 1148 rijksmonumenten, of which many had no photo before September. We organized as part of Wiki Loves Monuments an effort to photograph as many monuments as possible within one day - Wiki takes Haarlem. You can see the results in this google map - a yellow pin means there is a photo, blue means there isn't. 1064 images have been uploaded thanks to Wiki Loves Haarlem.

Wiki Loves Vlissingen

The library of Vlissingen has raised the stakes for photographers participating Wiki Loves Monuments within the municipality of Vlissingen even more. Besides the prizes that are already available through the general competition, they put up an iPod Touch and an e-book reader for people taking photos for Wiki Loves Monuments in Vlissingen. They created their own local jury and will also announce the prizes on November 20.

Nationaal Archief

Nationaal Archief (the Dutch National Archive) and Spaarnestad Photo have released some 1000 very relevant political images under a free license. This release was announced in the international political Press Center Nieuwspoort in The Hague with a panel of former and current politicians present. These politicians shared with us their memories and thoughts with the images, giving a lot of background information on the meaning of the images. You can find more information about this collaboration in this blog post.

Meetings, conferences etc

Besides what was already mentioned earlier in this report, there was also a Summer Barbecue on September 4 in the southeast part of the country. Even through the number of participants was moderate, the atmosphere was great.

Coming up:

  • October: Europeana brainstorm meeting & conference
  • October 9: General Assemblee, Fundraiser meeting
  • November 20: Wikimedia Conference & Prize ceremony Wiki Loves Monuments
  • January 15: Wikipedia 10 years anniversary