Wikimedia chapters/Reports/Wikimedia Nederland/201007

This is the chapters report for Wikimedia Nederland, May - July 2010

Wiki loves BiebEdit

Wiki loves Bieb is a cooperation project ongoing with libraries in southern Zeeland. Amongst others, the booklet "Wikipedia i skolan" by Lennart Guldbrandsson has been translated from Swedish to Dutch and a Brochure has been drafted for cultural institutions. The first results are currently shaping: a cooperation project with amongst others the muZEEum on the river Schelde.

Wiki loves MonumentsEdit

Wiki loves Monuments is a photo scavenger hunt contest running from September 1 - 30. The 60.000 national monuments in the Netherlands are the subject for these photos. Prizes (including an iPad and Android) will be awarded for the best photos and the highest number of photos. A special, simplified, upload form on Wikimedia Commons has been prepared to make uploading through Wikimedia Commons possible this year. The main prizes are an iPad and Android smartphone.


The Tropenmuseum has once again released a number of images under a free license. This time over 6000 images from 3D objects in the museum, made by musum employees. Some more information on:

General AssembleeEdit

In June the second General Assemblee of the year was held. Important topics on the agenda were the professionalization, an updated 2010 budget and how to support the community health.

Professionalization processEdit

Wikimedia Nederland has filed a grant request with the Wikimedia Foundation for 2010-2012 regarding professionalization, as an investment into the future. We feel that there are opportunities for sustainable growth with the right support. The grant has been partially awarded. You can find the original application at Grants:WM NL/Professionalization.


A new design has been made for the chapter website, to replace the current Wiki layout for "outsiders". The wiki will remain, less visibly, available to our community members of course. Also the annual report for 2009 has been layouted properly now and will be printed for all members. The pdf will become available on our website. A constant overview of the media attention for Wikipedia / Wikimedia in the Netherlands can be found on

Meetings, conferences etc.Edit

Wikimedia Nederland participated with two board members in the fundraising summit in Bristol, hosted by Wikimedia UK. Two board members attended the "download debate" (also on copyright legislation) as part of the lobby process. Also, one board member attended Geo Freedom Day and one attended Wikimania in Gdańsk.

Coming upEdit

  • 1-30 September: Wiki loves monuments
  • Press conference 13 September: Nationaal Archief/Spaarnestad releasing more than 1000 historical Dutch political images
  • Geograph photo donation