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Chapters report Wikimedia Nederland December 2009


On December 19, a workshop on Wikimedia was organized for Wikimedians, together with a workshop for OTRS agents. The workshop was visited, despite the bad weather, by 11 people, including Lyzzy, who was involved in the discussions on OTRS and explained the German Flagges Revisions system.

Translation Rally End 2009Edit

VWN Sponsored two "Translation Rallies" at this year. The second rally ran until the end of the year (UTC) and resulted in over 33,000 new translations for MediaWiki and its extensions.

New Year cardsEdit

Snail mail New Year cards were sent to all members and the volunteers who helped the chapter in the activities in the past year. The members were also invited in a letter for the New Year drinks, and the volunteers were thanked for their help with a hand written note. Also several organizations with whom the chapter worked together in the past year received a card. Several recipients expressed that they were very pleased by this gesture.

Wiki Loves Art expositionEdit

In the maritime museum in Rotterdam, an exhibition has been placed of Wiki Loves Art/NL photo's taken last summer. The exhibition is on sight until March 2010 in the main hall of the museum.

New Year ReceptionEdit

In cooperation with Creative Commons NL and the Tropenmuseum, on January 23 a New Year reception will be organized in the Tropenmuseum. This will be combined with a tour through the Marron exhibition, a cooperation project between Wikimedia Nederland and the Tropenmuseum. Wikimedians, cultural heritage institutions and marrons are invited to participate the reception. (want to come? )


Wikimedia Nederland was participating in the fundraising of end 2009, and was able to offer iDEAL transactions, an online payment method used a lot in the Netherlands. Results will follow later.

Coming UpEdit

  • New Year reception
  • Fundraising results
  • Thank you notes for donors
  • Annual General Assemblee: March 13