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This is the Chapters report May 2009 for Wikimedia Nederland.

Wiki Loves Art / NLEdit

Together with Creative Commons NL Wikimedia Nederland organizes Wiki Loves Art / NL. 41 museums are participating, including the famous Van Gogh Museum. Participants can make photographs during the month of June in these museums of (parts of) their collection. Photos will be uploaded to Flickr (CC-BY-SA or CC-BY), and the allowed photos will be uploaded en masse to Wikimedia Commons after the tagging and judging has been finalized.

On June 1, a kickoff event was organized in the Jewish Historical Museum in Amsterdam (>50 participants), and on June 21 a party will be organized in the Rotterdam museum Boijmans van Beuningen. Wiki Loves Art was mentioned on the national news with a 2 minute report and in several other main stream news sources.

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Lobby European LegislationEdit

Wikimedia Nederland took the initiative to organize a meeting for European chapters about EU legislation and policy lobbying. Interested chapter representatives will come together mid July in Brussels to talk about a strategy to set up a coordinated lobby to influence the EU legislation and policies in a positive way for the Free Content movement.

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In the month September a series of Workshops and Open evenings will be organized to familiarize people with Wikipedia and Wikimedia and to help them become a volunteer more easily. People will be introduced to Wikipedians and the basic principles of editing. Participants of Wiki Loves Art are made aware of these workshops and meetings and are invited to participate. Wikimedia Nederland attempts to bring in more volunteers to the Wikimedia projects this way.


Several presentations about Wikipedia/Wikipedia have been given. Hay gave a presentation about OpenStreetMap and Wiki(p)(m)edia at the Geo Freedom Day in Baarn.


The Dutch government has decided to support the creation of learning material by teachers, which should become available under a CC-BY license. This is being organized in the Wikiwijs project (not using a Wiki though), currently in the development phase by the Kennisnet foundation. Wikimedia Nederland keeps touch with the developments and to give advice and input where appropriate and possible.