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Chapters update report Wikimedia Nederland February/March/April 2009

Sorry for the delay in writing this report.

Wikimania 2010Edit

After long deliberation about the perfect city, location, accommodation and party Wikimedia Nederland completed the Wikimania 2010 bid for Amsterdam. The bid has been built for the Tuschinski Theatre as location and involved the help of many volunteers, got the support of several partners and enthousiasts. The full bid is available on . In the mean while, it has become clear that the Gdansk bid has been accepted, and that Amsterdam was a close runner up.

Wikiportrait 2.0Edit

The Wikiportrait Website has been upgraded, and is now mainly more usable and time efficient on the backside (OTRS). Celebrities can upload their photograph through the website interface after going through a wizard explaining the copyright status, after which OTRS volunteers take care of the uploading, tagging and publishing part.

Wiki Loves Art NLEdit

A local Wiki Loves Art is being organized in cooperation with Creative Commons NL, the Museumnacht Foundation and Digitaal Erfgoed Nederland. The concept is to cooperate with museums to let people photograph a part of their collection to upload under a free license, and there is a competitional element on quality. In the concept it has been attempted to take the better elements from the previous editions in New York, London and Australia but also to learn lessons for improvements. 15 museums from all over the country and with a wide variety of topics have indicated to participate. There will be a closing party in one of the museums in Rotterdam.

Free MediaEdit

Some contacts have been made with a few institutions to persuade them to release a part of their digital material under a free license. No breakthroughs yet.

Lustrum University of GroningenEdit

Agreement has been reached with the library of the University of Groningen that Wikimedia Nederland will participate in the lustrum activities with a "Wikipedia Lounge" in June.